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Pinaka bow or ajagava bow are same or not?

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Is 'Pinaka' Shiva's bow or trident?


What is pinaka?

1. A divine bow of Lord Shiva 2. A multiple rocket launching system developed by an Indian Defence Research organization.

What is the duration of Ang Pinaka?

The duration of Ang Pinaka is 3600.0 seconds.

Is Pinaka Shiva's bow or trident?

Pinaka is Shiva' bow.ajagavam, ajIgavam, etc. are synonyms. However according to amarakoShaH it is also the name of trident. Furthermore bharataH explains it as trident of shivaH-शूलमपि शाङ्करमिहेति केचित् । So , according to context of the running passage we have to deduce which one of these meanings will be applied.

When was Ang Pinaka created?

Ang Pinaka was created on 2005-11-13.

Are lil bow wow and bow wow the same people?

Yes, when he got older, he changed his name to Bow Wow.

Is bow wow n lil bow wow related?

Bow Wow and Lil bow wow are the same person.he removed the lil from his name when he got older

Pinaka malaking lawa na may tubig alat?

ano ang pinaka malaking lawa sa pilipinas

Is chris brown and bow wow the same people?

No they are not the same people..

Ano ang pinaka malaking pulo sa bansa?

ang pinaka malaking pulo sa asia ay ang russia

What is major in tagalog?

you can define it in many words... like Bonga, bongangbonga, "pinaka" ex. major problem is... ang pinaka-problema ay

Ano ang pinaka maliit na bansa sa asya?

ano Ang pinaka maliit na bands Ng asya

Can the draw weight be adjusted on the browning micro adrenaline bow?

IM pretty sure i have the same bow.

What is the meaning of pinaka maganda?

most beautiful

Ano ang pinaka mababang lugar sa mundo?

ang pinaka mababang lugar sa mundo ay ang japan at Afghanistan

Is lil romeo and bow wow the same person?


Why do the Japanese bow to emperor?

the Japanese will bow to anyone of rank or importance, it is more a custom of respect , the same as westerners may bow or curtsy to the queen or a member of the Royal Family.

What is bow wow first names?

Bow Wow's first name is Shad,the same as my 16 year old son.

How old is your pse compound bow it is a Game sport fire flight express?

I had the same bow new back in 1986

Is bow and bow homonyms?

yes in homophones the words which have the same pronunciation as each other but different spelling and meaning

Is lil mama and bow wow the same people?


How do you you get a bow and bomb bag in Zelda?

You get it both of them in a temple(not the same)

Is bow wow in new boyz or are they different people?

They are not the same people at all..New boyz is a group..bow wow is solo

How do you say in Tagalog you are my best friend and my cutest sister?

Ikaw ang pinaka kaibigan ku at ikaw ang pinaka cute na kapatid ku ng babae

Ano ang pinaka malamig na planeta sa solar system?

ang pinaka malamig na planeta sa solar system ay mercury....