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Biomass power stations. (Regular power stations that burn coal can easily be converted to burning biomass (vegetation), reducing pollution, just by changing the fuel.)

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Q: Plant that burns waste to produce electricity?
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How do you produce electricity from biodegradable waste?

Biodegradable waste can be digested by bacteria which will produce methane as a byproduct; methane is a flammable gas that can be used as fuel to run a turbine that generates electricity.

How much waste reQuired to produce 1watt of electricity?

Depends on which kind of waste is used for the production.

What is a waste to energy plant?

You are probably thinking of waste dumps where methane is generated by the decay of organic matter, and where this methane is collected and used to produce electricity. Combustion engines can run directly from the methane coupled to a generator.

Is carbon dioxide a waste for a plant?

No, Carbon dioxide is used by the plant to produce sugars during photosysnthesis. In this reaction Oxygen is a waste or by-product

Does a nuclear power plant pollute the air?

No, but they produce radioactive waste.

What is a waste product the plant creates?

Plants produce oxygen and a variable amount of water as a waste product of photosynthesis.

What is one advantage of using windmills to generate electricity?

They do not produce waste products that cause pollution.

How does a plant get waste out?

by the sun giving energy to it in order to get out and produce other things...

What is the solid waste produce by a sewage treatment plant called?


Do battery-driven cars cause pollution?

Depends on where you get the electricity to recharge the batteries. If the electricity is produced in a hydro-electric plant then there is almost no pollution. If the electricity comes from a nuclear power plant then you have nuclear waste. If the electricity comes from a coal-fired plant that you do have pollution from the burning of coal.

How do electric fish produce electricity?

They have radiation from a toxic waste spill and they got powers (super powers) they are able to create electricity using their powers.

Operation of a combined cycle power plant?

A combined cycle power plant has multiple thermodynamic cycles. This increases efficiency. For example, a gas turbine can be used to produce electricity, but only about 40% of the heat is actually converted in the process. 60% of the heat is lost, and in a single cycle plant would be considered waste heat. In a combined cycle plant, that waste heat could be used to drive a second, steam turbine to produce more electricity. In such a case, the efficiency could be increased from 40% to nearly 60%. It is possible to go further. The waste heat from the combined cycle electric plant can be used to heat buildings, for instance, increasing overall efficiency to more than 65%. This is called Cogeneration.

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