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As a matter of fact,they are.

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Are Pea plants living or Nonliving?

Yes, pea plants are living organisms.

Are the plants that you eat from a garden living or nonliving?

ALL Plants are living organisms.

All living organisms are dependent on plants because?

All living organisms are dependent on plants because to gain energy.

Is an organism a plant?

Yes, but not just plants are organisms. Organisms are allliving things, so plants are organisms.

What is the make up of living organisms?

Living organisms,such as plants and animals,make up an ecosystem

How is a cacti a living organism?

Cacti are living organisms because they have cells and they reproduce. Hey, they are plants and plants are living.

Why is photosynthesis importantfor all living organisms?

it is important for all living organisms because plants rely on photosynthesis to survive and grow. If all plants die out, all other living organisms will have disastrous affects.

How can fungi and plants be distinguished?

Fungi get their food from other living organisms, but plants get their food from sunlight. You see fungus (molds, mushrooms, yeast) feeding on living organisms but plants can not do that.

Are green plants living organisms?


Who prove that Plants are living organisms?


What are different organisms?

living animals, and plants.

Do living organisms have cell walls?

The only living organisms whose cells have cell walls are plants.

Is there a single word I can use instead of plants and animals?

You can use living organisms as combined. Since plants and animals both have life, living organisms can be used.

A world without plants?

If the world did not have plants then no living organisms would be able to survive. This is because plants produce oxygen that is needed for organisms.

Why do living organisms depend on plants?

Living organism depend on plants because of the plants capability to do photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is converting the sun energy into a glucose type sugar. Sugar is a type of energy that all living organisms need.

How do scientists classify plants?

Plants are living organisms that use photosynthesis to live.

What are the kinds of organisms living in a garden?

animals and plants

What living organisms utilize the process of photosynthesis?


Is it true that plants and animals are living organisms?


What are the living elements of an ecosystem?

They are plants, animals, and organisms.

What are biotic features of the environment?

The Biotic Fetures of an environment are the living things such as plants and other organisms. The Biotic Fetures of an environment are the living things such as plants and other organisms.

What are some examples of living organisms?

Some examples of living organisms are plants, animals, humans, maybe even aliens! (Not sure about aliens)u plants and trees

What are organisms in science?

living things example: Humans are organisms and plants are organisms the opposite is non-living things such as: soil,air,sunlight,and water

Do precambrian have any plants or organisms living?

Yes but most were single cell organisms

What living organisms are dominant in the ecosystem?

The living organisms that are dominant in a particular ecosystem depends on the ecosystem. In the rainforest for example, plants are the dominant organisms. In the desert, the animals are the dominant organisms.