Plasma or LCD?

I have owned both and if you buy a plasma tv , make sure it has burn in protective properties to prevent artifacts from remaining on the screen. By artifacts I mean , for instance, the station logos like TNT, CBS, SCYFY that normally appear in the right lower corner of your screen. They, and any fixed images as such, are always there causing the gas pixels in a plasma tv to degenerate faster, whereas an LCD tv uses liquid crystal and has less chance of burn in or artifacts from making themselves part of the screen. Other than that , the picture on both sets can be awesome on the higher cost brand name products as well as some of the other less expensive less popular brands of TV. It's just the matter of longevity. I owned a 42" Haier which has since been replace by a Toshiba Regza 42" LCD and am much happier with the LCD tv due to the burn in issues I was beginning to have with the Haier plasma tv. Otherwise the performance and picture quality was still equal when viewing HDTV or DVD's. My suggestion to you is to check on-line at on the differences then go to a television store / sales rep and have him explain the same differences and benefits before you purchase either.