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Please name me a short play's script?


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"The Telephone", one act, two actors:

Scene 1: Spotlight on a woman sitting in an armchair with a copy of Yellow Pages and a phone on her lap. On the other side of the stage another spotlight is on a receptionist sitting behind her desk. There is a cigarette hanging out of her mouth while she squints from the smoke and tries to file her nails at the same time as reading the newspaper which lies open in front of her. The first lady in the arm chair finds a number and dials, at the other side of the stage the phone rings and the receptionist answers with a deep sigh. Receptionist answering phone: "Hello?"

Lady in armchair: "Is that Andersons Legal services"

Receptionist: "Yes."

Lady in armchair: "I need to speak to a divorce lawyer."

Receptionist: "There's no one here at the moment, they're all out at lunch."

Lady in armchair: "Oh! Right, thank you." They both put their phones down and the lady in the armchair looks back in the book for another number to try. End of scene 1, end of play