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What does Plpd mean?

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Q: Plpd on car no one else involved car flipped but driver taken to hospital does health insurance step in for patient?
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How do doctors get to work at more than one hospital?

They actually get privledges if they follow specific rules for each hospital. This is particularly helpful if one hospital in town has an agreement with one kind of insurance and another hospital in town has agreements with different insurance companies; the doctor can send their patient to the hospital that works with the patient's insurance.

Can a hospital bill the patient for the Provider Discount it gave to the insurance company?

No, they shouldn't be billing you for the provider discount if the hospital is contracted with the health insurance plan.

What is the probably cost of balloon sinuplasty?

Cost to who? The hospital, the patient, the insurance company?

How is a patient registered when entering a hospital?

Upon arriving at the hospital, the patient first reports to the hospital registration or admitting area. The patient will be required to complete paperwork and show an insurance identification card, if insured. Often, a pre-registration process.

Is an insurance company required to provide in network coverage to an out of network hospital if the patient wants to be seen at a particular hospital because of their religion?


What is contractual adjustment?

A contractual adjustment is made by the billing department in a hospital in order to charge a patient's insurance company. The result is that the patient is not responsible for payment.

Is it illegal to deny a patient a copy of his chart if he is unable to pay the fee to obtain it?

A patient with a chart is usually in the hospital. With that said, most hospital stays including the tests done for a patient are paid for by an insurance company. Since the hospital is already paid, it seems logical that a copy of the patient's chart should be given freely. It would seem to be a patient "right".

Can a hospital discharge you because lack of insurance?

It depends on where you are. Most will not though, as they have a duty to care for any patient placed in their care.

If a patient does not have insurance and can't afford the surgery can the hospital refuse them?

Yes. While an emergency room can not refuse to treat anyone, a hospital is not obliged to provide non emergency surgery.

What does IP mean on health insurance forms?

It probably stands for inpatient, meaning the patient was admitted to the hospital either overnight or longer.

What is a hospital confinement?

Hospital confinement is preventing a patient from leaving the hospital.

Which one will the hospital benefit from in-patient or out-patient services?

Inpatient services benefit a hospital the most.

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