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Pokemon Diamond how to go heatran?

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You cannot get Heatran in Pokemon diamond or pearl unless you use cheats... ^_^

Edit: No, you can get it with or without cheats. I got heatran without cheats or action replay. Heatran is at Stark Mountain.

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Where do you find heatran on Pokemon diamond?

you find heatran in starkmountain

Does the Pokemon heatran live in Sinnoh?

in the Pokemon diamond and pearl versions i know that the heatran (mostly a girl) will be at stark mountain go up there with buck go out talk to buck and his grampa go back up to stark muntain heatran is there

Is there more than one heatran in Pokemon Diamond?

No, there is only 1 Heatran in Pokémon Diamond.

In Pokemon LeafGreen can you get heatran?

No. It was introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

How do you get heatran in Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't. You need to get Heatran from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and then trade to heartgold and soulsilver.

Were do you find heatran on Pokemon White?

You cannot find Heatran in Pokemon White. But if you have it in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum you can simply trade it.

Where do you find heatran in soul silver?

Heatran can only be caught in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

What do you do after you've defeated heatran on Pokemon diamond?

you dance and go out to try to find a girl friend you nerd

Where do you go after you go to stark mountain on Pokemon diamond?

Have you caught Heatran yet? If so, try to fill the rest of your pokedex

How to get heatran in Pokemon diamond?

you get him in stark mountain then try and catch him

How do you catch Heatran in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't.Sorry, you can't you can't even transfer it. When they made Emerald Heatran wasn't in excistance. You'll have to go to stark mountain on Pokemon pearl or diamond. Sorry.

Where do you get to Heatran in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Heatran can be found in the very back of Stark Mountain on the Northeast Island. You have to go through stark mountain, after you beat the elite 4

Pokemon Diamond heatran?

When you have defeated the elite four go to the new island and work your way up to stark mountain heatran may not be there. The second time you go to stark mountain heatran will be there. I wouldn't use the master ball for heatran I used my master ball to get giratina.

Where do you get heatran Pokemon diamond?

First you got to defeat the champion. then obtain the national dex. go to stark mountain

How do you catch a heatran on Pokemon HeartGold?

U Can'tyou have to migrate him from Pokemon diamond after you get the national pokedex and go into stark mountain for the second time

Where is heaton in Pokemon sapphire?

it's heatran and you can only get it in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

How do you get a heatran in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Trade him over from platinum,diamond,or pearl.

What do you when you beat the elite 4 in Pokemon diamond?

catch legendary Pokemon like giratina and heatran

Where is the places to catch heatran in soul silver?

Heatran is unavailable in soulsilver. If you want it, you will have to trade from Pokemon diamond, pearl, or platinum.

How do you catch heatran in diamond?

You have to go to Stark Mountain to get him.

Can You get Heatran In Pokemon HeartGold?

Only if you trade from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.Trade from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

On Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is in stark mountain?

Heatran, and more Fire-type pokemon along with some Steelixs.

How do you get a magmarizer in Pokemon Diamond?

put in leaf green and go to stark mountain where heatran isWhere to get a Magmarizerput LG(LeafGreen) in gba slot and go to stark mountain(where Heatran, the legendary is) and a thew thousand magbys will be there one will have magmarizer dudeits were heatran is, the magby are holding it

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