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Pokemon FireRed how to get to celadon city?

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Pass rock tunnel then you will appear in lavendar town go west and go into the underground path keep going west and now your in celadon city.

2010-10-11 11:56:15
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Q: Pokemon FireRed how to get to celadon city?
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Where do you get an evie in Pokemon FireRed?

In Celadon city.

Where is the forth gym in Pokemon FireRed?

Celadon City

Where do you buy Pokemon on FireRed?

At the game corner in Celadon City.

Where is the casino in Pokemon FireRed?

celadon city smack in the middle

How do you catch the HM dive in the Pokemon firered?

Celadon City

Celadon Dept store Pokemon FireRed?

This is a very large store that is placed in celadon city.

What city is sliph co found in Pokemon FireRed?

It can be found in CELADON CITY

Where is the 5th gym in Pokemon FireRed?

In Celadon City, your rival is Erika.

Where ican find the gaming store in pokemon firered?

In Celadon City

When can you use fly in pokemon firered?

get the 4th badge in celadon city

Where is the coin place in Pokemon FireRed?

the GameCorner is i Celadon City. South of Pokemon Center.

Where can you get iron in Pokemon FireRed?

You can buy as many as you want in the 5th floor of the Celadon Department store. In celadon City.

Why on the pokedex of Pokemon Firered syas that some Pokemon appear on Celadon City?

Because there's water in celadon city if you use fishing rods in the water you can actually find pokemon!

Where do you get a thunder stone in Pokemon FireRed?

You can buy them at the celadon city dept store.

Where is the bike path in Pokemon FireRed?

left ends of celadon and fuchsia city

Where do you find the earthbadge on Pokemon FireRed?

You have to beat Giovanni in the Celadon City Gym.

What do you do after you get to lavender town in Pokemon FireRed?

Go west to reach celadon city.

Where are the Snorlaxs in Pokemon FireRed?

route to right of vermilion city after the hallway.route to left of celadon city

Can you get vaporeon in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, you get an Eevee in Celadon City, and you can buy a Water Stone to evolve Eevee in the Celadon City Poke Mart.

Pokemon FireRed water stone?

Can be bought in the Celadon Department store (the big mart in the upper left of Celadon City).

What is celadon?

Celadon is a city in Kanto, which is FireRed and LeafGreen.

Where is the game corner Pokemon FireRed?

It's in celadon city right below the pokemon center and to the left.

How do you get scizor in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

You can buy Scizor in the Prize Room next to the Casino in Celadon City.

Pokemon FireRed where is casino?

Celadon City the same place as the big department store

What happens after you catch all the Pokemon on firered?

you can get the Diploma from the guy in the Mansion in Celadon city.