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The last person of the Elite Four in Pokemon Platinum is Lucian, the master of Psychic-type Pokemon. After him is Cynthia, the Champion.

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On Pokemon platinum where do you see a gallade?

the last person before the champion in the elite four has one, but i also remember seeing one somewhere else.

Dose a trainer have a milotic in platinum?

yes in the elite 4 the champs last Pokemon is milotic (hope this helps kck out)

What was the last message Looker gave in Pokemon Black?

hes not a pokemon black person hes in pokemon platinum duuuh :O

What Pokemon does the last person in the elite four have?

He is Lucian. He uses psychc pokemon. This is his team: 1. Girafifrig 2. Alakazam 3.

In Pokemon emerald where is Wallace?

he is the last person in the elite four you battle. so hes in evergrande city

What are the Pokemon in Pokemon indigo that know recover?

I know for sure that Ho-oh knows recover. I found him in the last Elite four person.

What is the last thing you do in platinum?

I think the last thing you do is battle and win against a Elite Four

How do you become champion on Pokemon?

sorry bout last answer you have to beat elite 4 you don't make sense atleast tell me which game like Pokemon firred,sapphire,ruby,emerald,gold,chaosblack,platinum,diamond,peaarl,

Where to find the last Pokemon trainer in Pokemon Blue version?

After you beat the last Elite 4 person go to the next room and then another room. There you will find your rival as the Champion. When you win the battle you will go to the Hall of Fame

Is Pokemon platinum the last season?

No there is said to be 2 more after

Where are the last 3 gym leaders in Pokemon Platinum?

The last 3 gym leaders in Pokemon Platinum is in this order: Byron of the Canalave Gym Candice of the Snowpoint Gym Volkner of the Sunyshore Gym

What is Pokemon 499 on Pokemon Platinum?

there is only 493. the last one is arculus by emo boy

Pokemon indigo Eevee?

Go to last Elite 4 map to catch it

What Pokémon is last in the Pokedex in Pokémon Platinum?

The last Pokemon in the National Pokedex is number 493, Arceus.

How long does the night last in Pokemon Platinum?

It is the time you have set your DS time to (Eg. If it is 8pm on your DS it is 8pm on Pokemon Platinum) So it is as long as the normal time

Where can you find Cynthia the black?

she is the last person you verse in the elite four

How do you get houndoom to evolve in Pokemon platinum?

you cant, hoondoom is the last in its evolution line

Where is the last gym in Pokemon platinum?

In Sunnyshore city same as pearl/diamond.

Where is the final gym in Pokemon platinum?

The 8th and last gym is in Sunyshore City.

Where to find man in black cape on Pokemon soulsiver?

Lance is the last of the elite four.

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