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Pokemon diamond where to find elekid?


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You can find an Elekid on Route 205, or at Valley Windworks while you have FireRed in your DS.

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You can get the Electrizer in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl from wild Elekid close to the Valley Windworks. In order to find Elekid, you should have Pokemon LeafGreen in your GBA slot of your DS.

Because it simply does not appear in any of the given locations. You can only catch Elekid in FireRed.

no as a baby Pokemon elekid is incabile of reproducing to make the "egg"

You can evolve Elekid once it hits Level 30.

When Elekid is level 30, it'll evolve to Electabuzz.

You have to have the national pokedex, because you cant find a lot more Pokemon without it. :)

To get the Electirizer item in Pokemon Diamond you need to find wild Elekid as they have a chance of holding it. Elekid will appear in Route 205 and the Valley Windworks if you have a copy of Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot of the DS. To get the Electirizer from a wild Elekid you can catch it and hope it has one or use the move Thief to steal the Electirizer it is holding.

The Electirizer can be found on wild Elekid in Pokemon Diamond. To make wild Elekid appear you need a copy of Pokemon FireRed in the GBA slot of the DS. While Pokemon FireRed is in the slot Elekid will start to appear on Route 205 and the Valley Windworks.

Route 204-South Valley Windworks With FireRed in GBA Slot *elekid*

You will need to evolve your elekid at lv. 30. There are no elekid's in diamond unless you have fire red inserted, then you can find them at route 204.

To get an elekid you have to hatch an electabuzz with a ditto in the daycare and the egg will be an elekidYou cannot find an elekid instead you will need to breed an Electabuzz to recieve an elekid egg hatch it to recieve the elekid.

Wild Elekid usually have it. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!

You can find it on some wild Elekid.

Pokemon Pearl- You need to trade for it or migrate it from the older Pokemon games. Diamond- You'll need to look for in Fuego Ironworks when you have the FireRed slot in the DS. Platinum- You'll need to breed an Electabuzz to get an Elekid.

The electrizer is an item in the Pokemon series of games. To get one, you need to keep catching Elekid until you get one holding it.

Elekid is the baby form of an Electrabuzz on Pokemon Diamond. To get one, you can breed an Electrabuzz with Ditto.

migrate it from Pokemon FireRed

Pokemon #466 is electivire, the third form of elekid.

You must have the pokeradar. Go outside Valley Windworks (east of flororoma town) and use the pokeradar

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