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You need the HM Defog which is in the Safari Zone.

Then you need to teach it to a flying-type Pokemon on your team (it is a flying type move).

Keep this Pokemon in your party and you should be able to get past the grunts

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How do you open the doorway that lets you climb Mt Coronet in Pokemon Platinum?

go to velistone galactic building and free mespret uxie and azelf bye people

How do you pass the man blocking sunyshore city in Pokemon platinum?

im stuck on this too. people say you have to go to oreburgh city, enter mt. coronet and head to the top. they say there is a galactic grunt blocking the passageway that leads to the spear pillar. but i dont see a galactic grunt blocking the picture of pokemon.

How do you join team galactic on Pokemon platinum?

It is easy you enable walk through walls code and you go to galactic eternal building and talk to people.

How do you get pass floaroma city in Pokemon Platinum?

get the windworks key, go into valley windworks, and beat the galactic commander. all the galactic people will leave the area

How do you make the two team galactic people in mt coronet move?

first you need to beat the Pokemon league , then you go north of mt. ember and battle two rocket grunts

How can you get the magma stone in pokemon platinum?

You got to get to Stark Mountain first then blah blah blah you follow team galactic with a friend you battle some people of team galactic Mars and jupiter quit cause you beat them. and looker takes team galactic away and you leave and go back in when you get it Heatran wil come.

Where can you find moonstones on Pokemon platinum?

in caves, people, pokemon, the syour.

How can you trade Pokemon eggs with other people in Pokemon platinum?

you cant trade eggs but you can trade hatched Pokemon

Why is there some Pokemon in some of the Pokemon centers in Pokemon Platinum?

if you mean the little Pokemon with people walking around in the Pokemon centers its just made by the Pokemon people they made it just for looks

Where do you find Pokemon number 46 in Pokemon platinum?

wormadam is on rout 214, one of the people have that Pokemon (you have to fight) X24

Where is the way to get 6 gym badge in Pokemon light platinum at Sinnoh region?

Pokemon light platinum is a Pokemon hack so it would be more better to ask people that actually played the game instead of asking people here.

What are shards used for in Pokemon Platinum?

shards can be used to trade with other people. in return, they may teach your Pokemon moves. there are 3 move tutors in Pokemon platinum that will teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for shards in a specific color.

What is the electrifier for in Pokemon platinum?

to evolve a electabuzz,and if some people dont know where to get it,its behind the valley wind works on platinum

How do you get purge in Pokemon Platinum?

Ok Dude you do know purge is not a Pokemon, understand? some people hack Pokemon really badly,

Where can you find an octillery in Pokemon platinum?

Battle people with it and it might also be in the ocean.

How do you evolve Groudon in Pokemon Platinum?

LEGENDARY POKEMON CANNOT EVOLVE PEOPLE! thank you for your question comment on my page

How do you get through mt coronet in platinum?

This answer is only for people who have gotten to the cave in Mt.Coronet where they meet a Galactic Grunt who is lost and has no Pokemon.After battling all the grunts in that cave who do have Pokemon,get out of the cave and you'll notice a full scale of rocks that point to the left.After using Rock Climb,go to any cave you find.Battle all the grunts in that cave and move on until you make it to Cyrus who is in Spear Pillar,where you'll battle against two grunts and Commanders Mars and Jupiter.

What is stark mountain in Pokemon platinum?

Its a volcano with a cool Pokemon called heatran and team galactic are trying to awaken it but looker comes dressed as a crogunk and takes the stone to awaken heatran and at the end its sad you say farewell to looker and he was your adventurere partner and its your last adventure and you finish the story hope i helped at least 50 people

With which Pokemon do you beat phantina on Pokemon platinum?

Most people use something that knows bite or a dark type move

Where to train Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum?

Some people will argue with me but i think the best place to train is at the Pokemon lugue you can battle them over and over again

What does the member card do in Pokemon platinum?

you can get darkrai and to people who dont know that kill urself

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