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lugia learns aeroblast at lv89 or lv90


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LEVEL 85 ______________________________________ Learn Lugia Aeroblast .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.

Lugia learns Aeroblast at level 85.

The only Pokémon that is listed as learning aeroblast is Lugia. It learns this move when it reaches level 77.

Yes. One could say that is its signature move.

i dont think togepi can learn aeroblast, but if it uses metronome it might randomly choose that move and use it

Yes just level it up to bout lvl 77

Pidgeot cannot learn aerobalst, only Lugia can.

It will only learn Aeroblast at lv. 77 in the Advanced Generations (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Leaf Green, Fire Red, Pearl and Diamond). In Gold and Crystal, Lugia will not be able to learn Aeroblast. Likewise in Silver and Crystal, Ho-oh will not be able to learn Sacred Fire. You have to trade them to Pokemon Stadium 2 and have them re-learn it there.

the moves that i have my lugia use are extrasensory,fly,aeroblast and hydro pump that way it is good even against grass type Pokemon which are super effective!

Lugia will learn Safeguard, Recover, Gust, Aeroblast, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Swist, Whirlwind, AncientPower and Future Sight in Pokémon Gold.

Lugia is the only one to learn it naturally, but Smeargle can also learn it by using Sketch immediately after it was hit by Aeroblast.

Lugia doesn't learn psychic in Pokemon soul silver on his own. However, you can easily teach Lugia psychic if you have the move in your possession.

Lugia Learns Great moves. but a great move set is Aeroblast, Hydrocannon, Sky Attack, and the last one can be your choice. mines is Fly, buy your decision on the fourth one

You have to trade them to Pokemon Stadium 2 and reteach them Aeroblast and Sacred Fire because they learn them at Lv. 1 and by the time you catch them in Crystal, each move that it learns have priority over it. So at lv. 60 they have already learned: Lugia: Safeguard, Gust, Recover, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance Ho-oh: Safeguard, Gust, Recover, Fire Blast, Sunny Day So their first move as well as Safeguard have been pushed out. Yea it sucks. And you can't breed them so that they hatch with the moves. In Gold version Ho-oh has Sacred Fire when you catch it but Lugia doesn't have Aeroblast. In Siver version Lugia has Aeroblast but Ho-oh doesn't have Sacred Fire.

all the Pokemon on dimmond that can learn flash can still learn flash in the platinum game too

lugia and fregulater and charmander

No Psychic Pokemon in Platinum can learn HM Rock Climb (not including Mew or Mewtwo).

In Pokémon SoulSilver, Lugia can learn the moves of Whirlwind, Weather Ball, Gust, Dragon Rush, Extrasensory, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Aeroblast, Punishment, Ancientpower, Safeguard, Recover, Future Sight, Natural Gift, Calm Mind and Sky Attack.

aeroblast sky power hydro pump fly brine surf water fall weather ball i think that it can learn hydro cannon but not sure

By TM, Lugia can learn Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shock Wave, Charge Beam, and Thunder Wave.

The only Pokemon that can not learn a move is magikarp. Any Pokemon can learn at least one TM

Get the HM Surf then teach it to a pokemon.

its a move your Pokemon might learn

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