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Generally not. Visitation is a civil matter, not a criminal matter and police have little authority or responsibility in any civil matter. To enforce your visitation rights, you will probably need to consult a private attorney. Most departments won't even touch a visitation matter unless the child is endangered (and there must be evidence). you will need to contact an attorney to get anything else done.

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Q: Police fail to enforce court order for visitation can they be sued and who does the enforcement of court orders?
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Who Under the system of checks and balances who has the power to enforce court orders?

The executive branch is charged with enforcement of the laws and court orders.

Why do sheriffs come looking for someone?

The Sheriff and his Deputies are law enforcement offices who have the authority to enforce BOTH criminal AND civil law (Police departments can only enforce criminal law!) They are also the agency that the court uses to serve the court's papers and enforce the court's orders.

Can a 5 yr old be forced by police to go on visitation in the state of Texas?

If visitation is court ordered, the 5 year old must go. If the parents try to interfere, court personnel could get involved to enforce the court's order. Often the courts use law enforcement such as county sheriffs or marshalls to enforce orders when necessary. Additionally, custodial interference is often a crime, for which police could arrest the interfering parent. A 5 year old is far too young to have real feelings about visitation. If the 5 year old does not want to go, it is because one of the parents is telling him he doesn't. If the parents have issues with the visitation arrangement, they need to take it up with the court. To refuse to follow a court issued visitation order places the violator in contempt of court. K Thanx ...that is what i told her, she was told at age 3 the police could not force a child to go but I told her they could ... Thanx for your help, that is exactly what I told her.

What is the difference between the municipal police and the county police?

MUNICIPAL POLICE departments are charged with the enforcement of all laws and statutes that are applicable within their municipality, and are authorized to enforce all such laws within their primary jurisdiction. COUNTY POLICE departments are authorized to enforce all laws applicable within the entire county of jurisdiction, (including within municipalities). COUNTY SHERIFF'S have the same power as County Police Departments except that, in addition, they also have the au;thority to enforce civil laws, and they also carry out orders, writs, and judgements of the Civil Court.

Which system gives power to enforce court orders?

The system of Checks and Balances gives the Supreme Court the power to enforce court orders.

Can law enforcement force an 11 year old to go with her father for the weekend in New Mexico?

It depends on who has legal custody, and whether any visitation has been ordered.Added: If the travel with the father is part of an agreement between the parents hammered out as part of a divorce and custody settlement then an 11 year old, by themselves, has no legal standing in the matter. If the court has awarded her father custody during certain periods of time during the year, then she must abide by the agreeement worked out between the parents, as codified in the order.WHO, exactly, is being referred to as "law enforcement" in this question.Police Officers can NOT enforce orders of a civil court. HOWEVER. . .Sheriffs Deputies CAN enforce civil court orders.

Are prior visitation orders suspended once that orders are being appealed and are still pending in circuit court?

no, they are still applicable.

Can a legal guardian keep visitation of the children from the natural mother?

not if there are courts orders

Your ex-husband has not followed the orders of payment on the permanent divorce-decree what do you do?

File a motion to enforce the court orders.

What power does the system of checks and balances to enforce court orders?


What age do you have to be to not be forced under a court order regarding parental visitation when you are a child?

A child must be eighteen years of age to be free from visitation orders.

Can the police force a parent to allow visitation to the other parent?

No. The police do not generally become involved in visitation issues. One very good reason being they do not have access to current court files and current court orders. If a visitation order has been issued by the court, the non-custodial parent must return to court if the custodial parent refuses to obey that order. They should file a motion for contempt. Continued refusal to obey a visitation order could result in the custodial parent losing custody.

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