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Poor gas mileage in Jeep Grand Cherokee?


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My grand cherokee 2005 is getting poor gas mileage- around 7.5miles/gallon. Does anyone have any ideas why this is so? Changed air filter and oil.


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Depends.. Mine gets decent gas mileage (depending on MPH) while on the Highway (around 17-19MPG), but gets very poor gas mileage when traveling in and around my hometown.. Hope I could help

If you can't figure out how to open the box you should not be in there. Take this poor vehicle to the dealer and be prepared to tell the nice man why you're bringing it in.

Hard starting, poor performance, poor fuel mileage.

Replace the bad bulb, fix the broken wire, repair poor ground, etc. When the problem is fixed the warning will turn itself off.

There isn't a drain line. The jeep has a unibody frame construction and the evaporator pan drains directly into a frame member making it impossible to blow air up a tube to clear the drain path. Very poor engineering in my opinion.

They almost always crack on the very front hold down ear. It is a poor design by Chrysler, and used ones are hard to come by. When torquing down the intake mounting bolts tighten them even, and a little at a time. 20ft lb is plenty on the front bolt. This is a problem in the 99-04 Grand Cherokee, and others using 4.0 engine.

There are a lot of things that will cause this. 1. Low battery voltage. 2. Flash tool has internal failure /issue 3. Poor connections from flash tool 4. Trying to flash the PCM with the wrong update

Low tire pressure, engine needs a tune up, excessive idle time, aggressive driving, etc.

Because it's an SUV. Try a fuel and induction cleaning, since the fuel filter is inside the tank and therefore not servicable.

No, that is pretty poor mileage.

Poor performance, poor fuel mileage.

Poor performance, poor fuel mileage,

Your Ford Focus may be getting poor gas mileage due to a clogged air filter or worn spark plugs. A complete engine tune-up can often fix most issues with poor mileage.

There are a few symptoms when a car has a bad cam sensor. A few of these are sputtering, poor acceleration, and the engine stalling.

check engine light on,getting poor gas mileage on 1996 Plymouth neon

The Vehicle Information Center. It is basically an electronic display located below the A/C controls and cigarette lighter (in your particular model) that shows when doors are open, low tire pressure, and the like. The soldering in these VIC units has been known to be of poor quality and problems with them are somewhat common.

prolonged use could clog up your catalytic converter with unburned fuel, but if the engine will stay running with the vacuum leak you shouldbe able to limp it home, be sure to get it fixed soon, the poor runing, the shaking, stalling, and sputtering will eventually lead to bigger issues.

The shaking might be due to wheel imbalance and the pulling due to poor wheel alignment.

Fluid leaks,Noises,Smoke out the tail pipe,Poor performance,Poor fuel mileage,It stops running.

I sudenly started getting poor mileage. 15 MPG.

Dependable, poor fuel mileage.

Your timing MIGHT be off if: low power, poor acceleration, poor gas mileage.

Poor performance, poor fuel mileage and may trip the check engine light.

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