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Positive and negative aspects of fashion designer?


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The Aspects Are Living life well


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There are negative aspects to being a fashion designers. It is often a job that requires long hours, daily chores, and there can be stiff competition.

That the cloth draped on the figure represents the intent of the designer.

A fashion designer designs clothes

There are many! Here are some:agiorgio armani1934-entrepreneur, fashion designercristóbal balenciaga1895-1972fashion designervictoria beckham1974-entrepreneur, fashion designer, model, singergeoffrey beene1927-2004fashion designerluciano benetton1935-entrepreneur, fashion designerbill blass1922-2002fashion designeramelia bloomer1818-1894women's rights activist, fashion designer, publisher, journalistleigh bowery1961-1994artist, fashion designercpierre cardin1922-fashion designercoco chanel1883-1971fashion designerliz claiborne1929-2007business leader, fashion designerandré courrèges1923-fashion designerdhubert de givenchy1927-fashion designeroscar de la renta1932-entrepreneur, fashion designer, philanthropistchristian dior1905-1957fashion designereperry ellis1940-1986fashion designerftom ford1961-fashion designer, filmmakerhalston1932-1990fashion designergjohn galliano1960-fashion designerjean-paul gaultier1952-fashion designerlady lucy duff gordon1863-1935entrepreneur, fashion designerguccio gucci1881-1953entrepreneur, fashion designerhedith head1897-1981fashion designertommy hilfiger1951-fashion designerjmarc jacobs1963-fashion designerbetsey johnson1942-fashion designerkdonna karan1948-fashion designerjimmy choo1961-fashion designerelizabeth keckley1818-1907fashion designercalvin klein1942-fashion designermichael kors1959-fashion designer, model, reality television starlrené lacoste1904-1996tennis player, business leader, fashion designerkarl lagerfeld1933-fashion designerralph lauren1939-entrepreneur, fashion designerchristian louboutin1963-fashion designermstella mccartney1971-animal rights activist, fashion designermalcolm mclaren1946-2010artist, fashion designer, musicianalexander mcqueen1969-2010fashion designervittorio missoni1954-fashion designerissey miyake1938-fashion designermichel navratil1880-1912fashion designerokelly osbourne1984-actress, fashion designer, singerpaloma picasso1949-artist, fashion designerzac posen1980-fashion designermiuccia prada1949-entrepreneur, fashion designeremilio pucci1914-1992fashion designer, government officialrnicole richie1981-fashion designer, reality television staryves saint laurent1936-2008fashion designerelsa schiaparelli1890-1973fashion designerkate spade1962-entrepreneur, fashion designergwen stefani1969-fashion designer, songwriter, singerlevi strauss1829-1902entrepreneur, fashion designervgloria vanderbilt1924-artist, fashion designer, writergianni versace1946-1997entrepreneur, fashion designerdiane von fürstenberg1946-fashion designerlouis vuitton1821-1892entrepreneur, fashion designerwvera wang1949-entrepreneur, fashion designervivienne westwood1941-fashion designer

Fashion designer is "designer de mode" in French.

A fashion designer has to design clothes, bags, accessories, etc. To become a fashion designer you have to go to a fashion designing school. ---smiley

Yes, the fashion designer gets opportunities for advancement. The changing trends and fashion provides the fashion designer with opportunities for advancements.

you can a fashion merchandiser picks out the clothes and displays them a fashion designer makes them

No, you do not need a license to be a fashion designer, but a degree in Fashion design is important.

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Having to travel when you are a fashion designer.

What weakness of being a fashion designer

A fashion designer designs fashion. With out a fashion designer, there would be no fashion, no clothes. Basicly, they design an outfit that a company will maufacture or, the designer will compose the outfit they made. so that either the model can wear it, or every day people. and there is more than one kind of fashion designer.

If the two variables increase together and decrease together AND in a linear fashion, the correlation is positive. If one increases when the other decreases, again, in a linear fashion, the correlation is negative.

fashion designer = diseñador de moda

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yes, business plan for fashion designer.

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Muriel King was one fashion designer in the 30s

a male fashion designer = me'atsev afnah (מעצב אפנה) a female fashion designer = me'atsevet afnah (מעצבת אפנה)

A fashion designer might work with an assistant or help out other fashion designers.

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