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Positive impact of information technology on the society?


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positive impact that information tecnology have on the society

That make possible to connect 6 billion peoples all overr the world regardless the religion, nationality, color and language.

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Below two are most important technology which creates positive impact on the society : All digital technologies Satellite technology

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There are many impacts that technology has had on our society. One impact would be the advancement of medical technology.

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Just as your leg is part of you so too is information technology part of technology. the meaning of impact is the reluctant the effects of information technology on technology is that it has modernised the technology,

technology advances society in almost every way, from the hammer to the Ipod

Society is the application of technology and order in a social system. Because of the loose definition of technology, you could consider anything from an electron microscope to a chainsaw technology. You figure out the impact of the wheel on society.

Information technology has negatively impacted society. These negative effects include: the invasion of privacy, less employment and digital socialization which reduces personal interactions.

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Shakira has a positive impact on society because she helps young people. She joined the group called UNICEF family.

There are many more advantages such as how the place affected by the technology will have an easier and more advanced life the disadvantages are that the new technology is too advanced destroying tradition and other things.

I love new technology within society but with new technology, stress comes too. I have learnt that with technology, stress is a partner.

The impact of an open society may be positive or negative. The positive impact is allowing for new and innovative ideas while the cons would be not having regulations that govern the society.

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People decide what kind of technology is going to be develop and how is going to work.

As the President Barack Obama has enacted various laws that has brought positive impact on the society.

Simple question, complex answer. Current impacts cover a wide and diverse range of examples. Future impacts means confidently predicting the future and what impacts information technology will make on a society that may or may not be the same as today

Information Technology, IT, gives a two strong impact to individuals. It is the negative and the positive impact, depending on a certain individuals on how he would apply it to his everyday living. POSITIVE- Information Technology really makes our daily life very easy. Look around you, everything is derived from the very fast growing technology. NEGATIVE- since information technology is a very powerful thing design by human, it is also the very strong element that would destroy people. because of the technology, special weapons, nuclear bombs are being developed. and also, due to this technology country fights to each other.. it is very complex and vast to elaborate.

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Jobs helped the society by giving us the amazing technology that he did.

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