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I would think so. I've met a former CO who wore his dolphins, boomer pin, and command at sea pin at the same time.

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Q: Post command do you wear the command at sea pin if you have two warfare devices?
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Can you wear the Enlisted Surface Warfare Device as an O-4?

Yes you can as long as you earned it when you were Enlisted. You are authorized to wear up to 2 Warfare devices. If you have earned your SWO, then the ESWS must be worn in the secondary position.

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Do you have to wear shoes in post office?

yes because they tell you pacific type of shoes you wear with your uniform

Do you have to wear a military uniform when you are on leave?

Depending on the unit, military personel may have to wear a uniform when leaving post and when returning. Generally though, they are not required to be in uniform unless they remain on post.

In the recruiting business what does RPO stand for?

In the NAVY, RPO stands for Recruit Petty Officer. RPO's are given their authority from the Commanding Officer through the chain of command. They are appointed by the Recruit Division Commanders RDC's. RPO's have the authority and responsibility in the division to preserve good order, discipline, and security. RPO's are seen as leaders and wear collar devices signifying their place in the chain of command

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Can you wear naval aircrew wings on air force flight suit below air force wings?

Yes, you can wear your NAC in your Air Force uniform - just make sure that you have your former rate/rating and NATOP recorded in your Air Force RIP, so that no one can question it - not that they probably would. I did the above and wear my NAC with my AFSC badge....

What side of the uniform does the U.S. Navy ESWS badge go on?

The Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Designator, like all Navy Warfare emblems before it (Submarine Dolphins, SEAL Trident device, etc.) is worn on the left breast of the uniform above the ribbon devices, if any are authorized. However, if the member is qualified in more than one Warfare Specialty, the current warfare specialty the member is working in takes precedence for uniform requirements. For example, as a Submariner, I of course had Dolphins to wear once I became Qualified in Submarines, but we did have the occasional skimmer (surface navy guy) go insane and volunteer for the Submarine Force. If he was Qualified as an ESWS, and then subsequently became Qualified in Submarines, he would wear the Submarine Warfare badge (Dolphins) in the normal spot above the ribbon device, since he was currently serving in the Submarine Force and not the Surface Navy. The ESWS badge would then be worn underneath the ribbon device.

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