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A positive effect of the paparazzi is that they help promote the celebrities that they show in the media. Even if the photographs and videos are negative, it gives the celebrities publicity.

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What are some of the positive effects of paparazzi?

Paparazzi are photographers who take candid pictures of celebrities, usually when they are in private. Thus paparazzi are different from professional or press photographers because they never take stages photos. The goal for any paparazzi is to get the ultimate picture that no one else will get. Depending on whether are freelance photographers or work for an agency, the paparazzi will then sell the pictures to the highest bidder: a tabloid newspaper, a magazine or a website

How do you say 'paparazzi' in Bulgarian?


When is Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi' available to download on iTunes?

The song Paparazzi is available on Itunes now.

What is the song paparazzi about?

The song paparazzi is about Lady Gaga wanting to get people to take photos of her because she likes the paparazzi.

Does Madonna sing paparazzi?

No, Lady Gaga is the singer of Paparazzi.

What is Lady Gaga paparazzi based on?

It is based on a bunch of paparazzi.

When was Paparazzi released?

Paparazzi was released on 09/03/2004.

What was the Production Budget for Paparazzi?

The Production Budget for Paparazzi was $20,000,000.

What is the salary of a paparazzi?

The salary of a Paparazzi depends with the employers and their location. A Paparazzi earn an average salary of $98000 in the United States.

What Critics argue that the paparazzi?

Invade the privacy of stars

What rhymes with paparazzi?

How about Yahtzee (boardgame) or Nazi? I think they both rhyme with paparazzi.

What does the song paparazzi mean?

Paparazzi is about how people would do anything for her fame or stuff.

How much money did Paparazzi gross worldwide?

Paparazzi grossed $16,612,072 worldwide.

What laws protect the royal family in England from the paparazzi?

The Paparazzi Reform Initiative helps protect the royal family from having their privacy violated by the paparazzi. They work to pass laws against people buying the photos from the paparazzi at all.

How many times has paparazzi been to court?

Paparazzi has been to court to many times!

What nicknames does Jan Paparazzi go by?

Jan Paparazzi goes by Jan van Zanten.

How much money did Paparazzi gross domestically?

Paparazzi grossed $15,712,072 in the domestic market.

How does Demi Lovato deal with paparazzi?

Demi is one of the celebs who deals with paparazzi maturely and treats them respectfully. Demi always smiles and poses for her pictures the paparazzi take.

Are paparazzi legal?

It is not illegal to be a paparazzi (an independent photographer) but in some countries, particularly in Europe, laws and curfews restrict paparazzi activity as a result of their reputation of being a nuisance.

Where does the word paparazzi originate from?

I think it is from Italy because she is Italian-American and paparazzi means journalist...

Who the song 'paparazzi' about?

In interviews, Lady Gaga has said this song is about Perez Hilton.

Do paparazzi follow Jon and Kate Gosselin?

Yes, the paparazzi track the Gosselins in their hometown and when they are on the road.

When did Paparazzi - video game - happen?

Paparazzi - video game - happened in 2004.

Does Britney Spears sing 'Paparazzi'?

Britney Spears does not sing "Paparazzi," originally sung by Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta). So far, no-one has covered this song.

What are some examples of the negative effects of the paparazzi?

a negative effect might be with princess Diana and how they had a part in her death and with the mental break down of Brittney Spears. hope this helps!

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