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Pourquoi un moteur de voiture possede t'il un systeme de refoidissement?

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Vincent Voiture was born on February 24, 1597.

une voiture (fem.) is a car in French.

laver la voiture means to wash the car and faire la voiture is less specific - to do the car, which could mean all kinds of things.

une jolie voiture, une voiture mignonne

la voiture (fem.) means the car in French.

en voiture means 'in (the) car' in French.

Vincent Voiture died on May 26, 1648 at the age of 51.

Hi! My name is Simon and I own a 2002 Nissan sentra and just so you know, this car does not have a timing belt. Bonjour! Mon nom est Simon, je possede une Nissan sentra 2002 et juste pour votre information, cette voiture n'a pas de timing belt.

The word voiture is feminine in French. The feminine singular noun means "car" in English. The pronunciation will be "vwa-tyoor" in French.

Vincent Voiture died on May 26, 1648 at the age of 51.

The word 'voiture' means car. The term applies to car in the sense of automobile, and in the sense of a train car. It also may apply to a cart that contains merchandise for sale.

Vincent Voiture was born on February 24, 1597 and died on May 26, 1648. Vincent Voiture would have been 51 years old at the time of death or 418 years old today.

je - I suis - am toujours - always? le voiture - the car i am always the car?

'souhaitez-vous l'os dans ma voiture' translates as: do you wish the bone in my car?

The word "voiture" means "car." It also may refer to "class," such as the first or second class tickets and accommodations on a train. And, in a more oldfashioned sense, it may refer to a "carriage," in terms of travelers; and a "cart," in terms of goods.

J'ai une voiture rouge. I've got a red carJ'ai une voiture rouge. I've got a red car

je vais acheter une voiture is 'I'm going to buy a car' in English.

The cast of La voiture des dimanches - 1980 includes: Louis Audet as himself

"The car" is an English equivalent of "lavoiture."The feminine singular definite article "la" means "the." The feminine singular noun "voiture" means "car." The feminine singular indefinite article is "une" ("a, one").The pronunciation is "lah vwah-tyoor."

"A car" or "One car" is an English equivalent of "une voiture."The feminine singular indefinite article "une" means "a, one." The feminine noun "voiture" means "car." Its singular definite article "la" means "the."The pronunciation is "oon vwah-tyoor."

She doesn't have a car.

car mean voiture in french

adverb: vite la voiture VA vite: the car is going fast adjective: rapide that Ferrari is a fast car: cette Ferrari est une voiture rapide

"et tu n'étais pas dans la voiture" means "and you weren't in the car" in French.

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