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As in "decimeter" - one tenth of a meter, or "decibel" - one tenth of a bel.

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Q: Prefix for one tenth
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Metric prefix meaning one tenth?

The metric prefix meaning one tenth is deci as in decimeter

What prefix tells you to multiply by one tenth?

The prefix "deci" means one tenth. A decimeter is is one tenth of a meter.However, this prefix is not an approved part of the Metric System (SI).The prefix that means one-tenth is deci. The symbol for deci is d. It is a prefix used in the metric system.

Prefix meaning one tenth?

Deci is the prefix in the metric system that means one tenth. It was adopted in 1795 from the Latin decimus, meaning tenth.

What is one tenth is it a deci?

The metric prefix for one tenth is deci.

What is the meaning of the prefix word deci?

Deci comes from the latin Decimus which means one tenth. A prefix of deci- would mean one tenth of whatever the word is. Deciliter is one-tenth of a liter. Decibel is one-tenth of a bel, and is a unit of measurement of power. Decimeter is one-tenth of a meter.

What is the prefix for one tenth?


Name the prefix that means one-tenth of?

The prefix -deci is defined as meaning one-tenth. It is from the Latin decimus and is primarily used in the SI unit of measurements.

What prefix means one tenth?


What is a prefix that means one tenth?


How many centigram in a gram?

One tenth the prefix centi- stands for on tenth ( .10)

What does deci- mean when used as a metric prefix?

Deci- means one tenth. A decimeter is one tenth of a meter.

One-tenth is a deci?

The prefix deci is used to denote one tenth.

What is the prefix for one-tenth in the metric system?


What is one tenth of a metric unit is indicated by the prefix?


In the metric system the prefix means one tenth?


What does deci means when used as a metric prefix?

One tenth.

What quanitity is represented by the metric system prefix deci?

When the metric system is used, the prefix deci is the factor of one tenth or 0.1. It is derived from decimus which is the Latin word for tenth.

What does the prefix dec?

One Tenth Ex: decimeter, decade, decible

How many centimeters are there in one decimetre?

There are 10 centimetres in one decimetre. The prefix 'centi-' means one-hundreth. The prefix 'deci-' means one-tenth.

One tenth of a gram abbrev?

The tenth prefix is deci- indicated by "d" → 1/10 gram = 1 dg

What is the symbol and meaning of the prefix Deci - dm equal to one tenth of a metre?

The prefix "deci-" is denoted by d and represents 1/10.

How many liters are in a deci?

One-tenth of a liter is in a deci. The syllables 'deci' make up one of the prefixes in the ancient, classical Latin language. The prefix means 'one-tenth'. So a deciliter contains one-tenth of a liter.

What is the numerical value?

The prefix 'deci' is used to indicate one tenth the value of the unit.

What is the numerical value deci?

The prefix 'deci' is used to indicate one tenth the value of the unit.

How many decilitres make 1litre?

The prefix "deci-" means tenth, so a deciliter is one tenth of a liter. Thus, there are 10 deciliters in a liter.