History of the United States
World War 2

Preparing military troops and equipment for war?

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What is preparing military troops and equipment for war?


What was preparing military troops and equipment for war called?


What was preparing military troops and equipment for war?

Staging (as in 'stage-ing').

What was a disadvantage for the british military in the Revolutionary War?

Great Britain usually had to supply their troops with military equipment by sea from Britain. Many of the sources in the colonies were being used by the Continental Army and those that were available to the British decreased in number as the war went on.

How did the south raise their troops during the war?

Military conscription.

How did U.S support the war effort while it was preparing for full military participation in world war 2?


What did Walt Disney have to do with propaganda during World War 2?

Made movie regarding taxes, taxes pay for military equipment and military equipment goes to war

How did the home front support American efforts?

Gathering needed items for use by the military Reduce the amount of key items to allow military the use of them Worked around the clock manufacturing war equipment Prayed and morally supported the troops Remained United as a nation through the war

What is armaments?

Armament is military weapons and equipment. All the military forces and war equipment of a country. It is used to inflict damage or harm to living beings.

Was there a war in 1983?

No, there was not a war in 1983. The Russians thought other countries were preparing for war during the Able Archer 8 military exercises.

How did American military power turn the tide of war?

They provided fresh troops

Can the president authorize the use of military troops overseas without declaring war?


Why was it so important for women to have jobs in world war 2?

A large percentage of the male work force enlisted in the military. Women had to take on the jobs the men normally did, and women had to work in the war factories producing the weapons of war etc. to keep the troops supplied with necessary war equipment.

What military equipment was used in World War 2?

guns, bombs, the usual

How many troops died in Vietnam war?

It is estimated that a total 1.475 million military troops were killed were killed during the Vietnam War. This accounts for about half of the total casualties known during the war.

Who were the two US presidents to command troops during war?

Actually many Presidents have had command of troops as an Officer of the Military. See the link.

How many south vietnamese troops died in the vietnam war?

There were over 1.3 million military deaths in the Vietnam War.

How many in military survived in world war 1?

About 55'692'800 troops in total survived the war on both sides combined

What type of military equipment did Great Britain have in World War 2 and how did it compare to that of enemies?

Great Britain had the same kind of military equipment as many other countries. Guns, tanks, and airplanes all aided in the war effort.

How did Spain help in the Revolutionary War?

Spain sent money, troops, and equipment to America to help the Patriots.

How did William pitt contribute to the change in the French and Indian War?

he pored money, troops,and equipment to the efforts there

Why was the railroad so important during the civil war?

it allowed troops to send more equipment to other troops in various places. such as food and ammunition, and uniforms.

What types of military equipment was not used during World War 1?

atomic bomb

How did Canada help Britain in World War 2?

By sending much needed Troops, supplies, weapons & equipment to all Fronts of the war.

In World War 1 what was done for the purpose of creating a strong military?

Sending troops to Europe was done for the purpose of creating a strong military in World War 1. There is strength in numbers.