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The depo usually lasts for 6 months, after this time women need to have another shot to remain infertile. so usually after 6 months you can become pregnant again. However, it can last a lot longer than that, the depo can really stuff up womens cycles and some women find it very difficult to get pregnant again after the depo shot.


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The Depo-Provera shot lasts for 3 months. As soon as the 4th month hits and you do not repeat the injection you could be fertile or you may be like many other women who take up to two years or more to regain their fertility.Some women who have already had children are finding it difficult to conceive after stopping the DP injections, others are women who went on the DP injection very young and now in their twenty's are trying to conceive for the first time and have no way of knowing if they would have had problems or not.I would recommend having a very honest talk with your OB GYN doc before trying to conceive, at least for the first few months, as some women are experiencing miscarriages when becoming pregnant in the first few months after stopping DP.The official web site Depo-Provera is currently down for "up dating", but I have added the link for Pfizerr the drug manufacturer and the link for DP at Web MD.From the package insert: Return of FertilityDEPO-PROVERA Contraceptive Injection is a long-acting birth controlit takes some time after your last injection for its effect to wear off.results from a large study done in the United Stateswomen who stop using D-P in order to become pregnant, (after the last injection)The length of time you use D-P has no effect on how long it takes you to become pregnant:50% become pregnant in about 10 months after their last injection66% became pregnant in about 12 months after their last injection83% become pregnant in about 15 months after their last injection93% become pregnant in about 18 months after their last injectionMany of the women on the site I read, went on oral BCP's for a short time to kick start their ovaries, after stopping the DP injection but not ovulating for some time. Some docs seem to do this automatically when a patient stops DP.

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