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Primeter and area of a square 7 ft per side?

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Perimeter=28 ft

Area=49 square ft

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The area of a square is 26 km2 What is the length of the side?

The side lengths of a square is equal to the square root of the area of the square. So, in this case, the square root of 26 is: 5.099 km per side.

How many feet per side of a square acre?

A square with an area of one acre has side lengths of: 208.7 feet.

Write the program that will ask the user to enter a number of per side of a square and display its outline?

#include<stdio.h> int main() { int side,area of square; print f("Enter the length of side\n"); scan f("%d",&side); area of square=side*side; print f(the area of square is %d\n"area of square); return 0; }

If a square has a perimiter of 16 cm what is its area?

the square is 4 cm per side, so area is 4x4=16 cm2

What is Quebec's area per square mile?

The area per square mile anywhere is 1 square mile!

How many yards per side in a square acre?

A square with an area of one acre has sides measuring 69.56 yards each.

Why is area measured in square units?

Area is measured in square units because it is two-dimensional. It is easiest to measure it using squares that measure a single unit per side.

How many feet per side to 4 acres if square?

A square with an area of 4 acres has sides of 417.42-ft in length. (rounded)

How many cm in an hectare?

A hectare is a unit of area equivalent to a square 100 meters per side. So, with an area of 100 x 100 m2 = 10,000 m2. At 100 cm per meter, that square would be 10,000 cm per side, so the area is equivalent to 104 x 104 = 108 cm2. Note the units of area are cm2, not cm.

What is 144ft in acres?

A square plot of land with 144ft per side has an area of about 1/2 (0.48) acre,

Is 40 square feet the same as 40 feet square?

No. They are quite different. They are the same only in the case of one square foot and one foot square. One square foot is a square, one foot on a side. Ten square feet is an area equal to ten of these square feet. Ten feet square is a square, ten feet per side. Ten square feet contains an area of ten square feet. Ten feet square contains an area of 100 square feet.

What is the perimeter of a square of 5?

About 8.94 units if the area is 5 square units. If the square is 5 inches per side the perimeter is 20 units.

What is the area of a square that has the perimeter of 72?

72 / 4 = 18 per side18 * 18 = 324 units^2

What is the perimeter and area of this square 10 inch?

If you mean 10 inch per side, then the area = 10 x 10 = 100 square inches and the perimeter will be 4 x 10 = 40 inches.

What is the price per square foot for a 10x10 area at 29 per square foot?

The price appears to be 29 per square foot. Since there are 100 square feet in a 10 x 10 area, the total would be 2900.

Is atmospheric pressure larger with a bigger area?

Atmospheric pressure is measured in weight per square area, such as pounds per square inch... so no, it doesn't increase if the area increases.

What is Ghana per square mile?

Ghana has an area of 92,098 square miles.

How do you convert grams per square meter to gallons per square foot?

You cannot. Grams per square metre is a measure of MASS per unit area whereas gallons per square foot is a measure of VOLUME per unit area. The two measure different things and there is no way to convert from one to the other without additional information.

What are the dimensions of a square that contains 2.5 acres?

The dimensions of a square containing 2.5 acres are:330 feet per side1,320 foot perimeter466.7 foot diagonal lengthAn area of 108,900 square feet

If the perimeter of a square is thirty six meters what is its area in square meters?

81 square meters 36 m2 / 4 = 9 m per side 9 m x 9 m = 81 m2

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