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An autoclave is piece of equipment that is usually used to sterilize objects and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 121 °C or more, typically for 15 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the load and the contents. The sterilization occurs by three mechanisms: temperature, pressure, and thermal oxidation.

The high temperature will kill most microorganisms because they cannot tolerate the temperature - essentially it "cooks" them. Viruses, which may not be considered "organisms" are also broken down by the temperature and proteins can be denatured.

The pressure will cause penetration of membrane walls of organisms, disrupting or breaking the walls, forcing the steam into them, and screwing up the osmotic pressure.

Some biological materials will also experience thermal oxidation - they react with residual air present in the autoclave or with other oxidizers present in the autoclave. As the reactions occur, the biological materials are broken down or destroyed.

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Q: Principle of autoclave
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What is the working principle of autoclave?

The working principle of an autoclave is that steam penetrates the object being cleaned. The steam is sometimes as high as 600 degrees.

What is the Use of autoclave and it's principle?

Sterilization of instruments. Heat is the usual principle employed.

What is the Principle of autoclave in biotechnology?

An autoclave sterilizes equipment by subjecting them to high pressure steam at 121° C or more.

What gas law is applied in the autoclave and explain the principle involve in their uses?

putang ina

What is the main principal of autoclave?

autoclave is just as that is pressure works on the principle steam under pressure with high temperature. high temperature leads water molecules in the autoclave to aggitate and this aggitated water molecules is steam only. so the steam gets no space to escape as a result pressure of 15 lbs\min gets the material to sterilized killing all the microorganisms.

How do you test the efficiency of an autoclave in microbiology?

using:thermocouples,autoclave tapes

Main function of an autoclave?

An autoclave is used to sterilize instruments.

What does pounds pressure stands in autoclave?

What is the meaning of lbs in autoclave

When and who discovered autoclave?

In1840 Louis Pasteur diacovered autoclave

How much the autoclave volume?

how much autoclave volume ? laboratores

What are the uses of autoclave in pharmaceutical companies?

The autoclave sterilizes equipment and lab tools.

What water do you use in an autoclave?

Demineralised water should best be used in an autoclave.

When was Autoclave - album - created?

Autoclave - album - was created in 1991.

What is difference between autoclave and oven?

In simple words, autoclave is a pressurized oven.

What are the 3 leading factors that cause incomplete autoclave sterilization?

residual air pockets, not enough water int eh autoclave, and overloaded autoclave

Which is the best Autoclave company in India for dental clinics?

Thymol India -- Leading Autoclave Machine Manufacturing Company in India. Quality autoclave, fully automatic, portal dental autoclaves available at very reasonable prices.

Why you have to autoclave the test test tubes?

If the test tubes need to be sterile, you would have to autoclave them.

How do you use a wilmot castle autoclave sterilizer?

my autoclave has directions attached to it. i am missing a part, though.....

How does bacillus stearothermophilus controli autoclave?

The autoclave should sterilize b. stearothermophilus pretty well.

What is a limitation of the autoclave?

The autoclave has some disadvantages like the heat destroying plastic wear and turning pointy objects dull. Oily substances also does not work with an autoclave machine.

How do you calibrate the autoclave?

An Autoclave is a piece of equipment used for sterilization purposes and requires quarterly calibration. There are three types of calibrations to be done - timer, temperature and pressure. To calibrate the timer, post an appropriate correction factor directly on the autoclave. Post a correction factor on the autoclave control panel if the temperatures were different, and for pressure post a correction factor on the autoclave if it is not true.

What is an autoclave and what is it used for?

An autoclave is a pressure chamber which treats the contents with high pressure steam in order to sterilize them.

What is the purpose of the autoclave?

i think autoclave is a kind of machine that sterilizes a certain object by the process of dry heat. i think autoclave is a kind of machine that sterilizes a certain object by the process of dry heat.

What is different between oven and autoclave?

Actually, they are both considered ovens, in general, though an autoclave is a special oven that is used for sterilization of instruments, not for cooking food.

How do you sanitize needles?

with an autoclave.