Prist comes under the which university now?

0 three to amend the part of the Judges Act such as 2007, "social worker in (2007) in December and care worker method from large long-term care to nursing care in accordance with the mental and physical condition, but are promulgated, social workers and provision of care worker method has been revised. in this revision, the care worker becomes a national qualification of nursing staff) work N'iwayu thing. bathing excretion care) and from what is representation of the Mg that this that I was the same as to provide, contrary to the original intention of long-term care now look back day-to-day work D work of the current 坞, in other words let's consider something to do with again care, old the 旺N of Kai沒 again Let's recognize: 0 个諾 of nature: caused by that there is old age and decay failure, to eliminate life on the frame and inconvenience faced by the user (= the life over) even a little, the identification of the user wants the to support the dating of the people seems to life in the side manner, it also care occupations rather than unilaterally do, that person is have what also intention of E15, support to be able to send the high quality of life that the use-oriented support to (the first Certificates p.15) will have been understood to be the essence of nursing yi Tsutsumari, nursing care and is, simply eating and bathing, ADLn (wp, such as excretion. care also of 47 reference), I do not mean that! to help and assistance (act on behalf of the user to not be able to by the user. job of nursing care, the user is why for now explore the different ways became a state, such as, or remove the original, while or aroused the desire of the user, the user of each and every, believed to be the work to continue to help them can live Rashiku that person . This means that long-term care and ranged in life in general, I aid activities in the very broad sense that's why, in order to do the job of nursing care, captures the process of assistance to scientific, only the specific care technology you will need to put in