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check the fuel pump shut off switch in the trunk on the driver side under the carpet, its a button just push it.

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Can a bad battery go dead while driving the car leaving power to everything else but lose the ability to accelerate?

Check your Transmission, the battery gives the car the energy to start once the car is started you can remove the battery and the car will stay working until you turn it off. you might need a tune up i had a car with a bad altinatore that did the same thing

Extend your iPod 2 Battery Life?

Whether you have just started using your iPod or are looking to make the battery last longer than normal, consider the following tips: Charge the battery only when it runs out. Charging it too much can actually result in a shorter battery life. Keep your iPod at room temperature. Leaving your iPod out in the cold can damage it. Turn off your iPod when unattended, as leaving it on can quickly drain the battery.

Does driving the car also charge the battery if its dead?

Yes, once you have jump started the car (from another car's battery), driving the car will recharge the dead battery (provided the battery is OK). This is a terrible idea and may damage the alternator. Drive the car immediately home and charge the battery with a battery charger. Alternators are designed to keep a charged battery fully charged. They are not designed to charge a dead battery. This puts way too much strain on the alternator circuits.

Can the car be started with the battery charger attached to the battery as a boost?

Yes, the car can be started with the battery charger attached to the battery as a boost.I been doing that for years.

Do all cars have alternators?

Simply put, Yes!The alternator basically is a unit that is turned through a belt, normally called the 'Fan Belt'. As it turns it produces an electrical charge which provides electricity which is stored in the car's battery.If you have ever left your lights on overnight to find a flat battery in the morning, there is not enough charge or power in your battery to start the engine.You use jumper cables which connect from one battery to the flat one which allows your battery to use the other as a 'slave'. once the car is started, you let it run for a while. During which time, the battery is re-charged by the alternator.Back in the days of the Model T Ford, before the existence of alternators and battery technology, cars were started using crank handles. These cars didn't have alternators or electrical systems, so there was no battery to charge.In summary, every modern gasoline/petrol and diesel engine needs an alternator to be able to keep the battery charged while driving.

Does a car battery go dead if not started for a month or so?

Not if it's intact. If it has a cracked case, dirty leads, or some other problem (like leaving your lights on) then of course it would.

Why did your headlights dim while you start your car?

Because when a car is started the starter motor draws power from the battery at the same time as the lights, leaving less power for the lights so they dim.

Shogun 2.9 diesel bad to start 1st thing wears battery down however once it has started its fine all day long?

how old is your battery, if it is old it can leak power overnight, making it have less in the morning, plus diesels are high compression engines that require alot of power to crank

When did texting while driving start?

It started when texting first began. Texting began and people started doing it while driving. It started whenever texting began.

Why does your car still run with dead battery cells once it as a jump started?

Because as the engine turns it produces electricity through the alternator but not stored so once the engine is switched off the car has to rely on the battery to start again. For instance, an F1 race car carries no battery so it has to be started externally, jump started really. Once it stalls it cannot get itself going again unless there is someone there to push start it (not a good idea - they are heavy and have a habit of leaving you flat on your face...)

How do you use the word overnight in an appositive sentence?

When I came to USA, my English language is so weak. After I started to visit a Psychoanalysis Counselor, my English Language improved overnight.

Who started pollution?

Really my theory is that cavemen started pollution by leaving trash everywhere they ate

89 prelude shut off while driving but started after jumped but didnt keep running for long?

Check your alternator (it charges the battery) If it quits you are running straight off the battery and that won't last long. Also check your belts. If they are loose and slipping your battery won't get carged and your alternator won't work properly

How do you start a 2000 Subaru after replacing battery?

The same way you started it before replacing the battery.

What did Nixon do after leaving the presidency?

he started a seal clubbing company

What is wrong with kohler tractor when started in the morning ran most of the day and tried to restart in the evening and cannot jump start it with charger but can start with car?

Typically a charger is not meant ot "jump start" and engine. It provides a slow, regulated charge to the battery. A car battery or fully charged battery will typically provide enough pwoer to jump start your tractor. I recommend charging your battery for a number of hours (or overnight) till completely recharged. If the tractor will no start without a jump, your battery may be in need of replacement.

How did silly bandz get so popular?

People started wearing them one by one, then they sprouted overnight.

You thought your battery died you boosted your car for ten minutes started driving and your car slowly turned off in the middle of the street at a stop light What does this mean?

There is a good chance that your alternator has stopped working. It could also be just a loose wire from the alternator to the battery that is not letting the battery charge. Also it could be a bad battery. When a cell in a battery dies it will hold a charge for a short period of time but then rapidly die. Get the battery checked first. they the wires, then the alternator.

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