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Problem with Mesquite tree's. I have 80 eacars in the panhandle of Texas and I have a problem with mesqitte trees need t clean them out . I have built a home and we are going to put cattle on it also?


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January 08, 2010 6:04PM


Talk with your local farm bureau about how to do this. They can sometimes provide funds from the agriculture department to help out. As you may well know, mesquite thorns are nothing to be trifled with, as they can lame livestock and flatten tractor tires.

Mesquite brush (different from the trees you're asking about) requires a "grubber" to come through and cut the roots about 1 foot below the surface.

I've seen a rancher use two tractors with a log chain hooked to each then spread out about 20 feet apart and run through the mesquite brush. In sandy ground they pull out easy.