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Check the connectors to the injectors, use a piece of hose run the engine place one end of the hose in your ear and the other end on the questioned injector and hear then click, if no click probably is bad and will need replacing

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How do you change the fuel injectors on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It is a rare case that the fuel injectors on a jeep give problems. If you are guessing that is the problem then that can get very expensive. It is best to have a qualified shop determine the cause of your problem.

Is rust on outside of fuel injectors a problem?

No, that is not a problem.

1992 eagle talon and it will turn over but wont start what might be the problem?

spark plug or injectors. Try cleaning injectors or replace plugs if that doesnt work try new ignitions wires maybe there is a melted or cut wire. happened to mine....

What can be the problem on a 82 firebird 5.0 if there is no power getting to the injectors?

the computer and the ignition module give power to the injectors.

How do you know if my fuel pump going out on 2001 ford focus?

More likely you need to replace the fuel filter, or your injectors need cleaning. That's what our problem was... injectors, especially. When you have stalling or starting problems. A fuel pressure test will verify the condition of the fuel pump. Like the above answer said, replace the fuel filter before doing anything. That may solve your problem.

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump?

I know this from experience. Your car will give a power serge without pressing on the gas, and it will die out when you start it. If this is your problem start with cleaning your fuel injectors, that might fix the problem. It cost about 2 to 3 Hundred dollars at a dealership.

Does the Cherokee sport have the same blend door problem as the grand Cherokee?

No, the XJ Cherokee does not have the same heater box as a WJ Grand Cherokee.

How do you fix a fuel problem on a 1993 Mitsubishi Mirage?

In order to answer this you need to be more specific as to what fuel problem you are having. Is it a fuel pressure problem? or a fuel injector problem. I would suggest you go get the fuel pressure checked to begin with. That can usually tell you if the fuel problem is from the fuel tank to the fuel rail or if the problem may lie in the fuel injectors. A weak fuel pump or a clogged fuel filter may be the culprit. If your pump is good and the filter is clean, then one or more injectors may be clogged not allowing the fuel to get to a cylinder. The fuel pumps job is to deliver the fuel to the injectors, the fuel injectors are designed to deliver the fuel to the engine beit through a throttle body or a bank of injectors or single injectors made for each cylinder. Start with a fuel pressure test and see where that leads and then come back and repost.

You have 1986 ford escort gt 1.9 efi ho motor it has a fuel problem you replaced 5 fuel pumps what is the problem?

i also have an 86 gt I've never had this problem but you may want to try taking your tank off and eithor cleaning or replacing you can also try regulator,injectors both can cause stress on the fuel pump if defective

What causes desiel to get in motor oil on 6.6 duramax?

bad injectors (01-04) injectors are warrantied for 7 years 200k miles because of this problem.

What could be the problem with a 91 Dodge Stealth that has no spark and the injectors are not opening?

could be the relay.

1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport Heater Won't Blow Hot Air - What is the problem and how do you fix it?

blend door failure is a common problem on 97+ Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee check engine light?

It could be an emissions problem or a catalytic converter problem.

Where are injectors relay located in an 1989 caprice?

I don't beleve that there is a relay for the injectors. The system has a fuse. If you use a test light check to see if you have 12v on one side of the plug. If so your problem is with the pcm. Injectors are controlled by ground pulses from the computer.

My 94 Ford van won't start it only stuter and yes it has gas?

The typical reason a 1994 Ford van stutters without starting is related to fuel. Since gas is in the tank, the problem can be the fuel injector valves. Cleaning the injectors may help.

How do you replace fuel injectors on 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe?

You can replace just one if that is all the problem there is.

What will you do if the cleaning equipment malfunctioned while in the middle of the cleaning process?

We can take help with any cleaning service team in our city because they can easily solve this problem.

What would cause your 91 Jeep Cherokee Sport to run like it is out of gas can't get up to speed stall out You changed the fuel pump and filter?

It sounds like a sensor problem. You can take it to auto zone and they will hook their computer up to it for free and tell you which sensor it is.If you do this and they find no problem,I would check my injectors next. hope this helps you out!

What causes your car to hesitate when steping on the gas and why does it stall when you are slowing down taking a turn and you are pressing on the gas?

I had the same problem with my eh Holden and found that the carby bowl was dirty and the main jet was blocked. if its on a injector car try cleaning the injectors with a fuel additave Ken

Are the rims interchangeable on a 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo and a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes they should interchange without a problem.

Why does the car rev high when going up a hill?

My car did this. I took it to get the heads de-carbonized and the fuel injectors cleaned out and it stopped doing this. Most likely it was the fuel injectors causing the problem.

How do you clean fuel injectors on a 97 sunfire without using additives in the fuel tank?

My service engine light came on and off several times, so I took my 1998 olds regency to the shop this morning to have it checked and inspected. I was told that two of the fuel injectors needed cleaning or replaced, but the cleaning had to be done by machine and not by using additives in the fuel tank. The cleaning will cost me $189. They will not guarantee that this will cure my problem but if it don't then I am looking at replacing those injectors for a price of over $500. I guess I'll see what happens....just wanted to share this with another olds owner. If the cleaning or replacement is really as costly as is indicated here, I think I'd look for a new mechanic. I had two injectors replaced in my '96 recently. They cost $76 each at Auto Zone and my mechanic replaced them (one at a time, a week's time apart) for a case of beer each time. It's really a job you can do yourself, but I think you'll need some Torx sockets to remove the metal rail that holds the injectors in place. You also need to take a good look at how the accelerator cable (and cruise control cable if you have cruise) connects. My mechanic put some Vasaline type of lube on the injectors before she seated them. Sounds like you could use a Haynes or Chilton manual. FriPilot

Brake repair on a 1996 grand Cherokee Laredo jeep?


How do you repair a miss fire on a duramax diesel?

It is likely an injector problem which would require you to replace the injectors.

Why are the lights flashing on my 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited?

I had the same problem with my 1997 Grand Cherokee and it was the dash mounted automatic light switch. The problem was also solved by turning the headlamps on manually.