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how long of runnng fine then starting its surge problem? Could be a air leak, does it do it under a load, or no load situation ? Check the air filter. Is it puffing smoke when it sugrges ? if so, what color smoke? Blue is oil burn, black is fuel, so if puffing black smoke, you have carb problems. When it starts to surge, can you engage the choke and smooth it out? once again, that would be carb problems... You may be suffering from vapor lock. Try partially unscrewing the fuel cap to allow air to enter the tank. If the engine stays running, replace the fuel cap. Another thing to try is cleaning the bowl vent on the carburetor. Also, check the filter bowl. Some Vanguard engines have a collection bowl that catches particles and then "sucks" the fuel up through a filter. Mine became clogged with white particles. Engine would start, run for a minute then die. It would repeat till I discovered the fuel bowl issue. My Kawasaki 17 HP engine was doing the same thing. It has a vacuum operated fuel pump. The fuel pump's air vent was plugged with dust. The air vent is on the back of the fuel pump so you have to remove it to see the vent. Just pour a little gas on the vent and dust off with an air hose. = =

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Q: Problem with kawasaki 17 HP engine that runs good then all of a sudden starts idling up and down and wants to stall What would cause this?
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