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in strong hold

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Q: Project Catastrophe - where do you find 5k credits chest?
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How do you get easy 5kcreds on project catastrophe?

you get 5k creds by going to edgeville find the chest and open it that's how the noobs get it if your a real nerd then get it legit

How do you get rares in project catastrophe?

heey all i have one question, i love this server(L) but me onely problem is i need 5000 credits to learn how to lend d claws please help me to find 5000 credits(L) thnx love ya bye

Will you find the Sternum in the knee wrist or chest?

You will find it in the chest.

How Do You Find Credits On Poptropica?

u dont find them you earn them!! u have to finish an island to get credits u get 100 credits if you complete an island

Where do you find the credits in Plants vs Zombies?

go to the opitions and when you see credits.

Is it legal for a contractor to send his final bill and when questioned about credits that were omitted email and say he would revisit the project and find extra charges that exceeded the credits?

Keep a copy of that e-mail on file for when you go to court. Pay him the adjusted amount AFTER credits. When he takes you to court for the amount not paid, show the judge the email.

How can you find out your credits?

Well if your on about IMVU you look in the corner of the screen and it says credits. You should be able to see your amount of credits.

Where can you find science fair project ideas?

Where can i find a science fair project. ----

Where in the clouds do you find free credits on Poptropica?

There are no credits in the clouds on Poptropica. This was someone's idea of a joke.

Where does it show you your credits at in pokefarm?

Go to the Shop, and you can find how many you have and also buy things with your credits.

Where can one find free help for a project?

The place you can find free help for a project depends on what type of project it is. The best thing to do is to find an online forum that specializes in the project subject.

How can you find the perfect science fair project?

To find the perfect science fair project, you have to find what you are interested in. Then add your own idea and BOOM, you have a project.

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