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Pros and cons of junk food?

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Junk food: fun to eat, yet it makes you fat. Pros * Cheap * Fun to eat * Easy to fetch * Easy to cook (reheatable) Cons * Verry fatty * High in calories * Not good quality of food * Food source may not be natural (caged animals/genetically produced) * May contain harmful chemicals

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What are the pros and cons of junk food?

Pros and Cons of Junk FoodsThe pro is that its mostly cheap and mostly tastes good. Junk food restaurants are mostly in every corner.The cons are that junk food is very unhealthy and makes you fat. It can also lead to liver and kidney problems.

What are the pros and cons of junk food in school?

Pros - Cheap, efficient, easy to eat Cons - Poor nutrition, produces a lot of waste

What are the pros and cons of food colouring?

The pros are that the food coloring makes the food fun and colorful. The cons are that food coloring is really unhealthy for you and can cause sickness.

Pros and cons of the extended family?

Pros= their fun to hag around Cons= they eat all your food

What are the pros and cons about living in Maine?

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What are the pros about junk food?

There aren't any. Junk food tastes good, but it is very bad in nutrition.

Pros and cons of food advertising on tv?

bad food and good food

What are Pros and cons of fast food in schools?

pros: taste, convenience, price cons: msg, oils, fattening if eaten to much.

What are pros and cons for banning junk food ads?

CON: junk food companies don't get as much business PRO: less children and adults get more fluffy CON: people don't know where to find junk food. unhappy people PRO: America has a better healthy rate is that enough Love, Marianne

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What is the Pros and cons of food preservatives?

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What are 3 pros that junk food have and 3 cons that coinside with the pros?

1. junk food tastes good (pro) u want to eat tons of it (con) 2. it's cheap (pro) making it easily available and more wanted than healthy food (con) 3. practily no prep time (pro) same as 1 & 2 (con)

What are pros and cons of an endangered species?

The pros are that the Africans have food and will get money from pouching elephants and rhinos for their tusks and horns. The cons are that they will run out of food causing starvation and African will not have a rich wildlife anymore.

What are the pros and cons of eating organic food?

The pros of eating organic foods is you are eliminating most of the chemicals and pesticides from your diet. The cons are the fresh food is not always available, and can tend to cost more.

What are the pros and cons of homemade food?

the pros: it increases dogs lifespan, it's more healthy and fresh cons: it's more expensive than dog food unless you have your own garden

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What are the pros and cons of genetically modified food?

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What were some pros and cons of European exploration.?

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