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Q: Prostate gland secretion helps neutralize seminal fluid because the prostate secretion is?
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How do you put prostate in a sentence?

prostate cancer is deadly The old man had difficulty urinating because he had an enlarged prostate.

Can females get prostate cancer?

No, because females don't have a prostate gland.

Do woman get prostate cancer?

No because woman don't have a prostate gland

What does the prostate have to do with urinating a lot?

because prostate play an important role in the regulation of urine

How does prostate cancer affect the prostate?

As a general term "cancer" means that some abnormal cells are present in a particular part of your body. All the cells of our body have their own "program" to live, but cancer cells do not follow this program. The same happens with prostate cancer, it is characterized by the presence of abnormal prostate cells (cancer cells), causing the damages to prostate and other symptoms. These cells are capable to multiply very fast, increasing their number and the tumor size. Because of this, the normal prostate cells are suppressed and cannot function properly. When a man has prostate cancer, his PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels will rise. In many cases of prostate cancer, the prostate gland is removed.

Why prostate cancer is common in peripheral lobe of prostate?

Because, anatomically, 70% of peripheral globe is composed of glandular glands. As prostate cancer is a adenocarcinoma (involving the glands of prostate), and peripheral lobe is mostly of glands, that is why it is more common in this lobe. On the other hand, this is the main target of male sexual hormones, which increases the chances for prostate cancer.

What type of tumor marker is PSA?

PSA is a protein produced by the prostate gland and can be overproduced in prostate cancer. It is perhaps the best tumor marker in use because of its tissue specificity, meaning that it is produced only by the prostate.

Does prostate massage affect sexual performance?

Yes it does and it can prevent Prostate Cancer. If your partner gives you a prostate massage than the sexual experience will be better than what you would probably be used to because the male 'g-spot' is in the anus, which is a way to get somewhat direct contact with the prostate. Do not massage to hard though or else you may hurt and have abdominal pains. --- Prostate massage does not decrease the risk of cancer. There is some thought that it may decrease prostatitis due to possibly increasing the blood flow through the prostate, but that is unrelated to prostate cancer.

Why is prostate cancer the most common cancer for men?

because men generally consume more alcohol then females, which leads to prostate cancer

What cavity is the prostate in?

The prostate lies adjacent to the bladder in the lower abdomen. The urethra passes from the bladder through the prostate gland and then to the penis. Its function is to produce semen. If the prostate is removed because of cancer (prostatectomy) the urethra is stitched to the bladder. A catheter provides the means of emptying the bladder until the stitches heal.

Why is Huell Howser dead?

Because he had prostate cancer for years.

Did Huell Howser retire?

Yes. He had to because he had prostate cancer.

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