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I will prove a more general theorem from which your answer follows immediately. Theorem: The intersection of any number (including 2) of convex polygons is convex.


Let C be the intersection of Ci which is a set of iconvex polygons. By definition of intersection, if two points A and B belong to C then they belong to every one of the Ci . But the convexity of each of the Ci tells us that line segment AB is contained in Ci . Therefore, the line segment AB is in C and because ABwas arbitrary we conclude that C is convex


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It is used in set theory to indicate intersection. The intersection of two sets, A and B, is the set of all elements that are in A as well as in B.

A polygon is convex if it has no two points that can be used to define a line segment that falls outside of that polygon. Another way to put it is: a convex polygon has all vertices pointing 'out'. Consider the following 6-sided polygon: _ ' | |_ |__| Well you get the idea. The 'notch' cut out of the square turns the square into a six sided figure now, with the 'corner' in the upper right pointing 'in' so the polygon is not convex.

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