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how psychology effects on mobile users

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Q: Psychological effects of mobile phone
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What are the Psychological physiological effects of mobile phone?

Irregular sleep pattern and overuse can affect the mind........also runescape poons all noobs

What are the effects of waves on a mobile phone?


Is there such things a a phobia of not having a mobile phone?

Unfortunately, yes. There is actually an official psychological phobia of not having a mobile phone. The phobia is called Nomophobia.

What are the effects of mobile phone to the people?

You get addicted to it and never take your eyes off it, ever!!

What are Negative psychological effects of homosexuality in India?

There are no negative psychological effects of homosexuality anywhere.

What are psychological effects of load-shedding?

Psychological effects of load shedding is that its has severe effects on society. Specifically on students.

What are the harmful effects of mobile phone for students?

1. the students become addicted to the phones and get distracted.

where can I get free sound effects?

If you are wondering where you can get free sound effects from the internet for your computer and mobile phone, then you can download an application program called Soundz.

Is mobile phone an adverb?

Mobile phone is not an adverb. It's a noun.

What are the bad effects of carrying mobile phones to school?

Bad effects on carrying your mobile phone to school is it could get stolen, broken, you could get suspended, or detentions. Your parents wouldn't be to happy about that i know from experience.

What is the Psychological effects of tourism on people?

Effects on the tourist or the toured?

Give the best introduction of disadvantages of mobile phone to the student?

mobile phone can use for everthing . However ,mobile phone have disadvantanges. By using a mobile phone . we use the mobile phone to communicate or browsing the internet .the disadvantages by using a mobile phone is we always waste the time with the mobile phone to play a game or when the mobile phone have internet , we do not do anythings just sit and play .

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