Purchased 2002 Malibu was told wouldn't have to worry about transmission fluid or transmission problems because the Malibu had none Is it possible to feel the transmission slipping?

There is no place to check the transmission fluid but it certainly does have transmission fluid. Have the transmission serviced at a local specialist. replace the fluid and filter, then the fluid will be completely full. The level is tested from underneath.

I have a 2000 Malibu with the 3.1L. If you have the same tranny as me and can't afford to take it to a dealer, the check plug is on the passenger side of the car. It's near the axle on the underside where the tranny wraps around the back of the engine. It's a pipe thread plug and looks like a pointless bolt. Just remember to have the engine running and the tranny in park when you check it. Also, it must be warm. If it is full, fluid will be level to the whole created when you remove the plug. Don't forget to put it back when you are done.