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Purification of water?

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Many methods are known, used simple or in combination:

- filtering

- distillation

- ion exchange

- reverse osmosis

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How can water purification be ensured for industries?

Yes, water purification can be ensured for industries.

Are water softeners and water purification systems the same?

Yes, there is a difference between water softeners and water purification systems as water softeners merely filter the water whereas water purification systems actually filter and cleanse the water.

When was the water purification created?

The first water purification device was created on Feb. 5, 1837.

Which non metal is used in water purification process?

Chlorine is the non-metal which is used for the purification of water

Why is it necessary for water purification?

water purification is there to help us live if it wasent there we would be ded but it i very rare there is no water purificatoin

Who was the inventor of the water purification device?

The water purification device was invented bya man named Dean KAmen.

How can you use the words purification writing in a sentence?

the water went throught a purification process.

How do you use a sentence with the word purification?

you should use the purification way to purify the water

What is distilling water?

This is a common method for the water purification.

How is water purified by water purification plants?

by rain

Which halogen used in zero B purification of water?

chlorine is used in purification of water cl2.answer by harsh bharti ...

What has the author F I Belan written?

F. I. Belan has written: 'Vodopodgotovka' -- subject(s): Feed-water purification, Purification, Water

What has the author Michelle Jones written?

Michelle Jones has written: 'The Greenaway audience' 'Advanced potable water treatment technology' -- subject(s): United States, Water, Water purification chemicals industry, Market surveys, Water purification equipment industry, Purification

What are micropur tablets?

Micropur tablets are easy to use water purification tablets. These are safer for water purification compared to both iodine or chlorine.

What is the sacrament using water for purification?

Baptism. Baptism is the purification of water to wash away sin. Many Christians do this when they become saved by God.

What are the Aims of water purification?

To provide potable (drinkable) water

Is non-chemical or non-salt water purification better?

ecosmarte is a non chemical and non salt water water purification for swimming pools

What element is used for water purification?


How will you obtain clean water on mars?


What are the stages of water purification?

anti biotics

Which gas is used for water purification?


What is Purification of water supply in the town?


Is the water purification device important?


What has the author Joseph Wilton Ellms written?

Joseph Wilton Ellms has written: 'Water purification.' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Water, Purification

What is the first stage of Distillation?

it depends on what your distilling I know for beer in the purification of the grains and for water its just plain purification.