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The 9th amendment

The rights that are stated in the 1st amendment, the freedoms, are not the only rights people have. Your should not be restricted to those rights.

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Q: Put the 9th amendment in your own words?
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What amendment gives Americans the right to fair trial?

The 6th amendment ! But to explain the amendment you have to put the saying in your own words .

What is the fourth amendment in your own words?

search and seizure

What is the 8th amendment in your own words?

basically, the punishment must fit the crime.

What does the 13th amendment say in your own words?

to dignty and byond we shall live as a nation

Put the Ninth Amendment in your own words?

Just because we have not listed them in the constitution does not mean you do not have other rights too.

What you must do when you paraphrase put information from an outside source in your own words?

Explain what you must do when you paraphrase (put information from an outside source in your own words).

Explain in own words what the third amendment says?

no soldier shall, in time of peace be guatered in any house with out the cones of they own

What is the third amendment in your own words?

"it means that american citizens have the right to own a weapon.!"... No it doesn't, that's the second amendment a brief summery of the third amendment is that Soldiers cannot be quartered in any home during a war without the owners consent.'

What does the Second Amendment give use the right to do?

The second amendment gives the right to bear arms. Put another way, it gives the right to own guns.

Is there a website that will put information in your own words?

No, because technically, if someone else writes it, it's not YOUR own words.

What do the words''bear arms''refer to in the second amendment?

the words bears arms mean in the 2nd amendment refer to the right to own guns but citizens may only use them to protect themselves when needed or have to

When you put someone else's ideas into your own words you are?


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