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What is quackery?

The promotion of health products, services, or practices of questionable safety, effectiveness, or validity for an intended purpose

What is the promotion of health products services or practices of questionable safety effectiveness or validity for an intended purpose called?


What is the promotion of health products or services or practices of questionable safety effectiveness or validity for an intended purpose called?


What is meant by promotion blend in marketing?

Definition:Promotion is communicating with the public in an attempt to influence them toward buying your products or services.

What type of products does AMFI offer?

The Association of Mutual Funds in India provides support and professional development for those in the mutual fund industry. Some services provided include recommendation and promotion of best business practices.

Meaning export promotion council?

Export Promotion Council's main objective is to promote and develop the exports of the country. Each Council is responsible for the promotion of a particular group of products, projects and services.

What is promotion used for?

Various promotional tools are used to communicate messages about products, ideas, or services from firms to their customers

Why is promotion required?

Promotion is a form of advertising that helps a business network and spread their products, ideas and services to consumers. Without promotion, there is a lesser chance for new businesses, as well as businesses with new products, to become known to consumers that such products exists. Every promotion aims to bring more sales and new consumers to the business, posing lots of risk, especially when it comes to determining your ROI.

What do you mean by advertising?

Advertising is a form of promotion of different products or services. Advertising allows a business to be seen more often to their customers.

What is role of public and private sector in tourism?

The public and private sector helps in promotion of tourism of the particular country. This is through their promotion of local products and services that the possible tourists need during their visit.

Why is marketing productive?

Marketing is the promotion and selling of the services or the products in a company. Marketing includes research and advertising. Research allows the company to have a perspective on the needs and wants of the consumer. Advertising allows the consumer to know what services and products are available. Marketing is productive for these reasons.

What are the differences between products and services?

products are tangible whereas services are intangible.... products can be bought ,services can be felt.... products are non-perishable,services e perishable... products are are ephimeral... products are countable, services are not countable.... products can be owned.. but service cannot be owned......

What has the author Jessie Helen Haag written?

Jessie Helen Haag has written: 'Consumer health: products and services' -- subject(s): Chiropractic, Consumer education, Diet Fads, Health Insurance, Medical care, Popular works, Public health personnel, Quackery, Quacks and quackery, Therapeutic cults 'School health program' -- subject(s): School hygiene

Marketing for promotion of business in banks involves?

(1)Better Customer Services (2)Customer need identification (3)Customised Products Girish Wadhawa (09326367366)

Conclusion about sales promotion?

Running a sales promotion for a small business is a good way to draw certain conclusions about the business. Conclusions may be the popularity of certain products or services, what your primary customer base is, and if your profit margin is helping or hurting your business.

What has the author Joseph P Opatz written?

Joseph P. Opatz has written: 'A primer of health promotion' -- subject(s): Directories, Health education, Health promotion, Health promotion services, Hospitals, Organizations, Preventive health services

What is optional products package on my mortgage bill?

An optional products package on a mortgage bill is usually a sales promotion by the lender for services like supplemental mortgage life insurance, bi-weekly payment servicing or disability insurance. Lenders feel they have a captive market with their existing customers and include these types of promotions to sell additional products. You are not required to use them and in fact, the practice has come under scrutiny by regulatory agencies for misleading and deceptive sales practices. Before electing to use any of the optional services shown on the bill, be sure to shop and compare the same services with outside vendors to compare costs and features.

How can you build a good reputation for your organisation?

You can build a good reputation by being consistent with your products or services. You can follow through on your word and present the brand positively in all marketing and promotion.

What is promotion and what are the various promotion methods?

The most popular Promotion for business is Promotional Products, This is done by customizing and imprinting your company logo onto anything!! Promotion is a way through which we promote our products or service to people.There are so many way to do online promotion.there are lots of website which are providing these services and better results.I have used a one site for my website to get promoted and I got some good results.You can also use it.Its a free website.According to me it is a best business directory which helps us to promote our business.

Describe from your point of view what sales is about?

Sales is the promotion and selling of various products and services. It usually involves persuasion with excitement and getting people into a buying state of mind or closing the deal.

What has the author Don E Schultz written?

Don E. Schultz has written: 'Sales promotion management' -- subject(s): Sales promotion 'Strategic brand communication campaigns' -- subject(s): Advertising campaigns 'IMC, the next generation' -- subject(s): Marketing, Brand name products, Business communication, Customer services, OverDrive, Business, Nonfiction 'Sales promotion essentials' -- subject(s): Sales promotion

How would you describe e-marketing?

E-marketing is a process of planning and executing the conception, distribution, promotion, and pricing of products and services in a computerized, networked environment, such as the Internet and the World Wide Web,

How can you classify companies based on their mix of products and services?

convenience products, shopping products, specialty products, unsought products, industrial products, materials and parts, capital items, supplies and services

How are networks used in marketing?

It refers to the use of interpersonal or social networks to market products and services for business purposes as opposed to the more traditional and common practices of wide-range advertising.

What describes facism?

Basically, under a fascist government, businesses are owned by the citizenry, but the government dictates all business practices e.g., hours, prices, wages, products or services, etc.