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Un homme grenouille est un Plongeur équipé d'un scaphandre.

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Q: Quel sport pratique un homme grenouille?
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What does the french word quel mean in English?

It depends on the context either which or what Quel homme es-tu vu ? : which man did you see? Quel est la nom de cet homme ? : what is the name of this man? Quel homme ! : what a man ! Quel is used when the object of the question is masculine singular, for feminine: quelle, plural: quels/quelles

What does quel homme mean in English?

It can mean - which man? or what a man!

What is the French 'Quel sport fait-il' in English?

Which sport does he do [or go out for] is an English equivalent of 'Quel sport fait-il?'

What is 'Quel sport' when translated from French to English?

"what sport?"

How do you say in french what is your favorite sport?

Quel estton sport préféré ?

What is the meaning of 'Tu preferes quel sport'?

The question 'Quel est ton sport favori' means What is your favorite sport. In the word-by-word translation, the interrogative pronoun 'quel' means 'what, which'. The verb 'est' means '[he/she/it] is'. The possessive adjective 'ton' means 'your'. The noun 'sport' means 'sports activity'. The adjective' favori' means 'favorite'.

What is 'Quel sport est-ce qu'il fait' when translated from French to English?

what sport is he doing?

What is 'Quel sport aimes-tu et pourquoi' when translated from French to English?

"What sport do you like and why?" is an English equivalent of the French phrase Quel sport aimes-tu et pourquoi? The question translates literally as "Which sport do you love and why?" in English. The pronunciation will be "kel spor ehm-tyoo ey poor-kwa" in French.

How would you answer 'Quel est ton passe-temps préféré?

This means what are your passtimes-sport,cinema etc

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Quel temps mean 'what weather'. Usually Quel Temps is used in a sentence such as 'Quel temps fait-il' or 'Quel temps il fait'.

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quel dommage! - what a pity!

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