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That is usually a regulator problem. Most regulators are integral to the alternator, but there are always a few that aren't, just to frustrate owners who want to work on their own vehicles.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-29 17:23:11
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Q: Question revised Power surge with headlghts causing them to flash bright to dim while driving on a 1986 300 zx Both the alt and battery have been replaced?
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About four week ago you replaced an old battery that was leaking acid Now your new battery is leaking acid is it just a bad battery or could something else be causing the new battery to leak?

Leaking from where on the battery, the caps? If so the charging system may be over charging the battery and causing the acid to boil out. Could be a voltage regulator problem.

My 1991 Pontiac sunbird will not turn over what could be causing this I replaced the battery and it still isn't starting?

Have you tried replacing the starter? it also could be the fuel regulator

All gauges erratic and voltage to battery is 19 volts computer and alternator has been replaced what causing?

All that would be left would be a short in the wiring to the alternator.

What might be the problem with a 1988 Civic Hatchback that is causing the battery to discharge Have already replaced alternator igniter coil main relay and the battery?

You have a short - it's hard to be more exact than that, but if you disconnect the battery and charge it outside of the car and it stays charged, you have a short. If it does not stay charged, you need a new battery.

Why does auto battery leak after charging?

An auto battery could be leaking for a couple of reasons. The alternator could be overcharging the battery causing the leakage. Or the battery itself could have a short or other internal problem causing it to leak when charging.

Why Battery will not stay charged alternator and battery are good?

something is causing a drain on the battery when switch is turned off

Cannot get the headlights to work on a 1993 Nissan pickup replaced the switch and relay what is causing this problem?

i had the exact same problem and i also replaced the switch and relay. the problem was in the wiring right at the positive post on the battery. also had to clean up many of the fuse links as well.

Could a short in your CD player be causing your battery to not charge?


Is your alarm causing your battery to go dead if it keeps going off?

Yes, that would definitely drain the battery.

What to do when the check charging system light won't go off on a 2000 Ford Windstar SEL?

Without knowing much more of the story, e.g., repairs that have been made, battery replaced, alternator replaced, I'll refer you to the "Related Question" below.This is a comprehensive trouble-shooting guide for alternator/battery problems.Should provide a good 'jump-start' (couldn't resist the play on words there!) to tracing the root of the problem.Note: it would be terrifically helpful if you could come pack and edit this response by adding in what you find was causing your problem.

Car battery blow when starting car?

Dirty battery connections created a spark when cranking the starter on a possibly overcharged/overheated battery causing an explosion.

How do you determine if the instrument cluster is causing a drain on the battery in a 1987 corvette?

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I replaced new battery on 2002 ford excursion xlt battery light comes on bright red then dims then comes back on again?

most likely its your alternator that's not charging your battery like it should causing it to turn on and off. A good way to check that is by going to your local auto zone and asking them to check your alternator to see if it creating a high enough charge.

Can a bulging battery effect car electronics?

A bulging battery is an indication the is a short INSIDE the battery and it is getting overheated, causing gas to expand inside. It could explode on you.

What can kill a battery?

If its an old battery the cells could be dried up, meaning there is not enough battery acid in it, or if you leave your lights on, or a bad alternator could be causing the battery to not charge while the car is running.

What could be causing battery drain on your maxima?

Dead cell in the battery itself which requires you replace the battery. Can also be any light on the vehicle that is on pulling power from the battery. It can also be a relay that is stuck closed.

How do battery run CD players work?

the battery has sex with the CD by penetrating the CD's hole causing friction to make it work.

My car died while driving last night so i replaced the battery. AutoZone tested the alternator and said it was working but it was draining my battery slightly...what could be causing this?

Don't believe a word AutoZone tells you. My battery died so I went there and they tested my battery and alternator and told me it was the battery. So I bought a new battery and 2 days later, dead again. Went back and they tested again and THIS time, it was the alternator. I went nuts on them and ended up getting both my battery AND alternator for free for their mistake that left me stranded at 12am.

What happens when a car battery is turned on its side?

The acid will leak out making the battery less effective and causing everything around it to get eaten up.

What is the battery doing while the gas is causing this combustion and causing the car to move?

Nothing, the battery did it's only job by cranking the vehicle. Now it is up to the alternator to keep all electrical working while the car is in operation.

What could be causing a new battery to be losing life?

Some light may be on pulling power from the battery. Can also be a stuck relay. The new battery is possibly defective. Alternator can be weak.

Will a USB powered cooling tray run my battery down faster?

Running a cooling tray off the battery will put an additional load on the battery causing it to run down faster

Your battery drains on your 1988 Chrysler Fifth Ave you were told it maybe the idle control sensor you had your battery and starter checked by your battery is still draining?

Have you had the alternator tested? It may not be regulating the energy to the battery, causing it to drain

What can cause a battery to get hot in a motor home and the motor is not running?

plates in the battery are arcing together. causing battery to short out and get hot. could explode. or you have a dead short in system. both will cause battery to get very hot.

Why would a starter on an 89 ranger work fine one day and then try to start as soon as the battery is connected the next?

Battery may have been weak the previous day and when trying to start created excessive heat through the starter solenoid causing it to "weld" in the closed postion. When charged battery was installed solenoid was already in closed position. May release itself or solenoid may have to be replaced