Questions about advantages and disadvantages of modern technology?


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ADVANTAGES: Back then, we didn’t have all of the wonderful advantages of modern technology. For instance, if we wanted to make copies of documents, we simply inserted more sheets of carbon in the typewriter. Our telephones were the good old-fashioned black variety pro vided free of charge by Ma Bell. Our offices were in the local bank building. I think the phones were installed when the building was built around the turn of the cen tury, and hadn’t required service since. There was no such thing as a car phone. Our dictating machines re sembled Thomas Edison’s original recording device. Dictation was re corded by a needle on a round plastic cylinder. Summers and winters could be uncomfortable. When it got hot, we loosened our ties and sometimes removed our suit coats. We tried putting a fan in the window once but it blew all the papers off the desks. In the winter, if we got cold, we had an old crescent wrench that we banged on the radiators. Someone down in the bowels of the building would then send up a blast of steam in the pipes. The office would then get too hot and we would have to open the windows to cool off. Typewriters were operated man ually and had no “memory”. To mail letters, we had a large roll of stamps. All you had to do was tear one off and lick it. Today, we have all of the advan tages of modern technology. If we want to make copies of documents, we don’t even use car bon paper; we have a wonderful photostat machine that even en larges or reduces the size of copies at the push of a button. Of course, the machine has a mind of its own. The manufacturer (which advertises that it makes nothing but photostat machines) has a large staff of service people, one of whom makes his home at our office. When something goes wrong, his explanation is that it’s not the machine—we just use it too much. When we moved into our new office building in 1980, we couldn’t get the old black phones supplied by Ma Bell. We had to purchase our own telephone system. It has all kinds of features the old black phones didn’t have, including auto matic dialing of up to 25 numbers, automatic redial, hands-free use, etc. Of course, whenever we have a lightning storm, or if we have what’s called a “power surge,” the phones go out, disconnecting all calls in process. Someone then has to run down to the basement and press the reset button. Car phones are another great advancement in telephone service. When they first came out, they were status symbols, like a Mercedes. Now, the price has come down so that just about anyone can afford them and they’re no longer status symbols (car phones, that is, not Mercedeses). Our dictating machines are now hand-held tape recorders. This makes it convenient to do dictation wherever one happens to be. One of my partners, for instance, has a rare combination of talents; he can drive his car while shaving, dictat ing, talking on the phone and eating breakfast, all at the same time. Today, typewriters have been re placed by computers which are networked and can communicate with one another. When I come into the office these days, I half expect to hear the computers carrying on a conversation - in computerese, of course. Since I’m a relic of the pre computer age, I tread very lightly when I’m near the computers for fear of getting them “mad” at me. The building is heated and cooled by high-efficiency heating and cool ing units. We have four zones on the main floor. The heat and air conditioning are turned up and down in the morning and evening, without the aid of a crescent wrench. It’s all automatic. For three months in the spring and fall, according to our employ ees, the building is too cold in the morning and too hot during the day, or too hot in the morning and too cold during the day, depending on the season. Also, although all zones are set at the same tem perature, there is a variance of three to four degrees from one side to the other. But as I said, it’s all automatic. To mail letters, in place of the old-fashioned roll of stamps that had to be licked, we now have a modern, automatic electronic mail ing machine. DISADVANTAGES: -they say machines and robots will replace people at work, and tons of people will lose their jobs -not everything in technology works right


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Modern life has various advantages and disadvantages. Today our country is noticed all over the world.Why? Because of modern technologies. No doubt , modern lifestyle is very harmful. It makes us lazy. We don't want to enjoy the beauty of nature.We always want to sit before computers , televisions,etc.We don't know its side-effects.So ,I think modern life has more disadvantages than advantages.

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ARPA radar has many more advantages, such as vector usage, than disadvantages. However, a main disadvantage is that there need to be constant improvements to its design to keep up with modern technology.

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Advantages: Cheap and rapid transportation allows agricultural technology to ship food products around the world, while global telecommunication networks facilitate the exchange of goods and services. Modern medicines cure and prevent the spread of disease. Episodic flooding is mitigated through dams and causeways. We do our best to solve the disadvantages as we go along. One disadvantage of modern technology is that we are pumping 30 billion tons of fossil CO2 into our atmosphere each year, a greenhouse gas linked to global temperature increases. The effects of this problem are both long term and cumulative, and many people may not realize the full extent of this problem during their life time. If the advantages did not outweigh the disadvantages, most people would not be so quick to adopt new, beneficial technologies. Some groups, such as the Amish, do not.

-saves time -more efficient -more organized -more visually stimulating by Patrina Bloomfield October 24, 2008Student of the University of the West IndiesThere are many advantages of modern technology. Modern technology makes communication much easier, helps in the medical field, and reduces the time spent to do necessary things.

Technology has enhance modern life in many ways two of them being communication and transportation Modern technology has made life simpler for several reasons. Easy access to information, improved communication, and increased efficiency and productivity are the most notable advantages of technology.

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