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French not the official language of French Polynesia


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Q: Qui aetait le premiere ministre London?
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Qui est Le president ou premier ministre en Venezuela?

Président Hugo Chávez

Qui est le premier ministre de Alberta?

Il s'agit de Allison Redford, du Parti Progressiste Conservateur.

Qui est le premier ministre de la France?

François Fillon, de l'UMP (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire)

Qui est le president de l'australie?

L'Aaustralie est une monarchie. Elle n'a donc pas de president mais un premier ministre Kevin Rudd

What has the author Ille Ego Qui Quondam written?

Ille Ego Qui Quondam. has written: 'Anti-Priapeia: or, an answer to Priapeia Presbyteriana, or the Presbyterian peezle [sic]. In a letter from the General Assembly of Scotland, to their missionary at London, intercepted and paraphrased by Ille ego qui quondam'

Who is David Morgan from abbey bank plc London?

bonjour qui es david Morgan de abbey bank

Who plays Bon Qui Qui?

Anjelah Johnson plays bon qui qui

What does bon qui qui mean?

Bon qui qui is the name of a person on mad tv

What does qui qui mon ami mean?

Who who my friend. "Qui qui" is also slang in french for "penis"

What are the release dates for Le mort qui tue - 1913?

Le mort qui tue - 1913 was released on: Mexico: 6 November 1913 France: 28 November 1913 (premiere) USA: March 1914 Japan: May 1915

What does 'qui' mean in English?

Qui? = Who? Occasionally 'which' or 'that'.

Is bon qui qui's boyfriend named Delod?

No Bon Qui Qui's boyfriend is named Dawud/Dawood (pronounced DAH-WAWD).

How do you say im always here in Italian?

"io sono qui sempre" or "io sono sempre qui" or "sempre qui/ qui sempre"

What is qui in English?

qui is 'who' in English.

What does the word qui mean?

qui = who

What is qui in french?

Qui means "Who"

Is bon qui qui black?

Bon qui qui has no definite race. She's just "ghetto." But to add to the hilarity, her name translates to "good who who" (...vagina...) in French.

When was inquistion born?

bon qui qui

Do bon qui qui have kids?


Is bon qui qui bad news?

Well 'bon' means 'good' in french and 'qui' means ' 'that'/'which'/ or 'who' (subject).So, as far as I know, no. It doesn't mean bad news.But I have never heard the song bon qui qui.

What did Pocahontas want to become?


How to say be quiet in Spanish?

bon qui qui

What does avec qui mean?

avec qui means 'with who'

How do you say 'feel better' in Hawaiian?

qui qui

What does bon qui qui mean in french?

It means who is who.