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3476 if you have a 1987 GMC it is a left-over 1985 same with the 1986s - El Caminos and Cabelero AND Conquista was discontinued with the 85 production line - just a new year on the VIN

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In what year were international trucks first produces and what was the first truck called?

The first trucks produced by International were light-duty trucks produced in 1907. They continued to make these light-duty trucks until 1975.

What 2011 trucks offer bench front seats as an option?

I am almost certain that you can get a bench seat in all 3 American trucks as an option. Just give them a call and they can tell you.

On the new Dodge Ram trucks is there an option to not have the rotary dial for the automatic transmission?

The new Dodge Ram trucks with the eight speed transmission do not have any other option besides the rotary dial.

What year did Chevrolet come out with trucks?

The year that Chevrolet produced their first trucks was in 1918. This company has been in operation for a long time and continues to make fine trucks.

How many trucks did ford make in 1954?

Ford produced 101,202 pick-ups and 8,078 panel trucks in 1954.

What are some large trucks that begin with the letter J?

JNSN diesel trucks were produced in the 1930's. They were made by Jensen Motors.

What year did Chevrolet stop the stepside trucks?

Chevy and GMC produced Stepside Trucks from 1999 through 2006. Louie Lott

Are there any websites that sell used semi trucks?

Http:// is a website that sells used semi trucks .Http:// is another option.

Are dodge trucks going to be made anymore since fiat bought chrysler?

Yes, Ram 1500-5500 trucks are still being produced.

Where in central Ohio can I find used bucket trucks for sale or lease? is the one of the most reliable option of that. one can Buy & Sell Commercial Bucket Trucks 100s of Dealers, 1000s of Listings. is one other reliable option to it.

Where does one find lunch trucks for sale?

Used Vending is one site to find used food trucks for sale. If your friend wants a custom food truck, Prestige Food Trucks is a website which offers that option.

Do all Ford F-350 trucks have keyless entry?

No it is an option If You use a brick ;)

Where can I find online information about NYC food trucks?

There are multiple websites that are available to look for food trucks in NYC. Another option is to use your phone if you have smart phone capabilities and use the APP for NYC Food Trucks Map.

Where can one find toy fire trucks?

You can find toy fire trucks at most stores that sell toys and most hobby stores as well. If you are looking for collector's toy trucks then checking out local antique shops will be your best option.

How many models trucks are there?

The number of model trucks worldwide is frequently increasing as every year new model trucks are produced. Unfortunately it is not possible to estimate an exact amount due to the lack of international model truck records.

What are the uses of flatbed trucks?

A common use of flatbed trucks is to transport heavy large cargo to places where railway transport is not an option. They are used primarily for products that are not delicate of vulnerable to the rain.

Where can I search for used lunch trucks online? is a website that sells used lunch trucks. They have a search option that lets you limit your search by your zip code and distance from that zip code.

Cabin filter 1999 f350 ford where is it located?

Most super duty trucks do not have them, it was not offered as a standard option on these trucks. It was hardly offered as an add on option by any ford dealer. It is a kit that you can buy to add on and it would be located under the glove compartment. You can't miss it if you are looking for it.

What is the most durable truck produced?

All trucks produced today are durable. The Ford F150 is the number 1 selling truck and has been for decades. But, Chevrolet & Dodge also produce great trucks. Drive them all and then choose the one that you personally like the best.

Chevy Created an Enduring Classic Truck?

Through the years, several classic chevy pickup trucks have become very popular with collectors around the world. Some of these trucks are 1950s models, while others are models from the 1960s and 1970s. Some of the most unusual and highly-prized classic chevy pickup trucks are the Corvair trucks that were produced in the early 1960s. Like the Chevy Corvair sedans, the truck models featured engine-in-the-rear design. The Corvair Rampside pickup truck featured a short, flat cab, with the classic Corvair front end and grille design. A special feature on this truck was a ramp/door in the bed, on the passenger side. This handy door folded downward and served as a ramp, on which small, wheeled devices could easily be rolled into the truck. Other models of Chevy Corvair trucks include the Greenbrier and the Corvan, which was more of a cargo van. One of the rarest and most sought-after of the classic Chevy pickup trucks is the 1958 Cameo Carrier. Less than 1,500 of these trucks were made in 1958, the last year that Chevy produced the Cameo line of pickup trucks. The 1958 Chevy Cameo Carrier was a light-duty truck that featured smooth, sculpted lines that were normally only found on cars. With its sheet metal body, whitewall tires and fancy grillework, the Cameo Carrier is still considered to be one of the most classic Chevy pickup trucks ever made. Another one of the classic Chevy pickup trucks is the El Camino. First introduced in 1959, this hybrid automobile/pickup truck featured the best qualities of cars and pickup trucks and combined them into an attractive and functional vehicle. Although the El Camino achieved popularity when it was introduced in 1959, production on this classic Chevy pickup truck was discontinued until 1964. From 1964 until 1987, the El Camino offered a range of body styles, sizes and colors, with several different-sized engines available. El Camino's are frequently outfitted with high performance engines and other muscle car accoutrements. Other classic Chevy pickup trucks include the Silverado, the Colorado and the S-10. Several different styles of these trucks were and are produced and many of them maintain excellent resale value.

Who can you contact to have neighbor remove old junk cars off of his property?

Tow Trucks are one option to contact.

Are box trucks very good for hauling furniture cross-country?

Box trucks are, indeed, a good option for hauling furniture. For a larger move a real moving truck would be better though, due to some difficulty in maneuverability of box trucks.

What makes a dodge power wagon a power wagon?

The dodge D100,150,200,250,300,350 are all medium/heavy duty trucks which were produced as 2wd trucks, the power wagon badge was placed on those d100-350 trucks which came with 4x4 or full time 4x4.

Can you tell me how I can purchase a fleet of box trucks?

You certainly can purchase a fleet of box trucks. Your best option would be too go too your local box truck dealer and speak with the fleet manager.

Does anyone know where I can find great pricing on freightliners?

I suggest shopping at this website for discounted trucks. Of course, preowned trucks are a great option to get good prices.

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