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Radio Codes for 1998 Honda Accord?


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The code in the Glove box is just the serial number to the stereo, It is not the unlock code itself. Call a Honda dealer and give them this number. They should give you the code for free. They did for me.


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Pull the radio out of the dash and get the serial number and take it in to a Honda dealer and they can help you

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The radio code is specific to that radio,you will need to contact the dealer with the radio serial number,and they can look it up for you. There is usually a charge for this

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means the anitheft kicked in. It happened to me when we changed the battery in my 1998 Honda accord lx. It does this so when someone steals your radio they can't use it, not that it works that well cause you can just call in the serial number on the radio and get the 5 digit code.Which is what your going to have to do. take out the radio and get the code cause the dealer will charge you a 99$ labor fee. Good luck

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