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im having the same problem and was wondering if u had any luck?

There is a bulb in there behind the display. Check some forums. Dosent seem to hard to replace.

2010-09-14 09:02:44
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Q: Radio display light is dim in my 98 Pontiac Grand Prix could there be a fuse that I can change out that would fix this or is it the light bulb that is going out?
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Why does radio display in Pontiac Grand Am not work?

there is a small bulb inside the radio ,it is probably burned out

How do you fix a clock radio light in a 2003 Pontiac grand am?

how to fix the light for the clock radio in a 2003 Pontiac grand am

How do you repair radio display on 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?

I had a company called "Dealer Services" repair my display. It only cost $55 with shipping! Dealer Services 940-882-2158

Radio wiring diagram for 2004 Pontiac grand am?


Need radio code for 97 Pontiac grand prix?

The factory code for your 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix is 152 159. The unlock code for the radio is 0229.

1999 Pontiac Grand Am radio codes?

whats the dealers code to un lock the radio

How do you locate the radio amplifier in your 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix?

look for it

How do you turn on the radio in a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am?

press the volume button

Why won't your date and time stay locked in your console's display of your 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Have you installed an aftermarket radio or is the factory radio still installed? I had put in a aftermarket radio on my 04 Grand Prix and it does not keep date and time installed. That's because the factory radio holds that information for some reason I dont know hope that helps.

For a 2002 Sport Trac how do you change the radio from displaying station only to display station and time of day?

I don't believe you can display both the radio station and the clock at the same time. With the radio on push the "CLK" button, that will display the time and I believe when you change radio stations it will display the station # temporarily before returning to the clock display.

How do you set clock for 2003 Pontiac grand am?

a picture of the radio would be helpful

How do I go about getting unlock code for GM radio 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

I guess take radio out and buy a better and cheaper radio

Where can you find the radio wiring diagram for a 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix?

You can find what your looking for at

Does 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix have airbags?

nope, just radio buttons if you have that option like i do.

Can you replace the radio display light in a 1999 Pontiac Bonneville and how?

Have a look on his site:

What are the factory radio wiring diagram schematic for a 1995 grand am?

use this website helped me..

Why does the radio change stations by itself in your 1995 pontaic grand am?

GOOD QUESTION! It did that in my Grand Am and now in my Pontiac Bonneville! It also will switch back to my presets after a few days. I hope somebody answers this question because it is weird.

How do you fix when the radio display screen is not working but the Radio itself is on Pontiac Sunfire 1997 and is there a fuse for that display screen?

the light in the display is probly burnt out. if you take the radio out you can take the top off it and the light is right at the display. you can take it out with a screwdriver. sometimes the light is just loose and will still work but if you need a new one you can get it at hope that will help you out.

What are the 2002 Pontiac grand prix radio wire color codes?

The Pontiac Grand Prix goes by the GM Factory Wire Harness Color Codes.

How do you get my radio display to stop blinking in my 2004 Pontiac GTO?

slap it multipul times and then add 5001 volts of enery

How do you get your radio to display time and radio stations?

You could request it call them and ask them if they could do that for now on you might change every radio stations!

To install an aftermark radio into a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am do you need a chime installer?

No But you will lose your Chimes "not needed anyway"

Is there a CD player for a 1988 grand prix?

No, Pontiac only offered a cassette player and AM/FM radio in 1988.

Why does the radio display dim when headlights are on in my 2005 Nissan Murano?

The radio display is usually tied to the dash board lights. As you raise or lower the illumination on the dash, the radio lights should change. During the day (with your headlights off), the radio display is at full brightness so it is easier to read in daylight.

How do you replace the light bulb behind the radioclock on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Hello, I am working on this problem w/2002 GP. This is why I found your question. It is a digital display for clock/radio station display that fuctions but does not light up. Wiring diagrams are pointing me towards replacing the dash light switch module which feeds the radio. I am still investigating. Is my problem discrtiptive of yours?