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does it look like it says error backwards or upside down? did you recently disconnect the battery? If you did then you need to input a five digit-code that you get from the dealer when you first bought the car.

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What are radio static letters?

Radio static letters : "EMI"

What is causing the strange radio waves in Soul Silver?

Team Rocket is causing the strange radio waves at the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City.

Where do you find the fuse to the clock as the LED was no longer working in doing so the radio stopped working you have checked all of the fuses that seemed to be linked to the radio?

Your radio operates on one fuse, so if your display wasn't working, but the radio still worked, your radio is fried. Replace it.

What do the letters RC stand for?

Radio Controlled.

What can you spell with the letters dario?

The word is radio.

What do the letters AM stand for on the radio?

Amplitude Modulation

If the radio is not working in a 2007 Pontiac g6 sdn what is the problem?

if the radio is not working in a 2007 Pontiac g6 sdn what is the problem

What would cause the radio and windshield wipers to stop working on a 2000 windstar?

Strange as it sounds, check the transmission range sensor / neutral safety switch.See "Related Questions" below for more

What do the letters FM on your radio stand for?

Frequency Modulation.

Rearrange these letters to spell out this object DORIA?

the answer is radio

Why would the Radio stopped working in a 1998 Lexus es300 fuses not blown?

Radio in 1990 Lexus LS400 stopped working, possible answer?

Why isn't Pandora Internet radio not working as of today?

Its working just fine.

Can the anti-theft code be retrieved from a working VW passat radio?

Unfortunately the code can not be retrieved from a working radio. If you can not find the code you have to get the serial number of the radio and call the dealer for the code.

How many different radio call letters beginning with K and consisting of four letters be assigned to radio stations?

If there are 26 letters and 3 random ones are picked there are a total of 26^3 combinations. 26^3=17576

How can you be on Radio Disney?

You can be on Radio Disney by doing your best and working hard! Thanks Bye!

Why did the radio stop working on a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron?

Blown fuse or failed radio.

Why your BMW radio code is not working?


Who Built the first working radio?

Talk and discovery of radio waves and wireless communication technology started in the 1830's. It wasn't until 1901 that the first working radio was patented by inventor, Marconi.

Why 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan radio stopped working?

If the radio in a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan quits working, it is likely a blown fuse. It could also be faulty wiring or a defective radio.

An object that plays music which is five letters in length?


What are the call letters for the radio station where fraiser works?


What are the call letters for the radio station where Frasier works?


Something to listen to 5 letters?

A Radio.Ummm Music`?

What are the release dates for Strange Days at Blake Holsey High - 2002 Radio 1-8?

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High - 2002 Radio 1-8 was released on: USA: 4 January 2003

Why is the radio fuel gauge and power windows not working on 2004 mercury mountaineer?

fuel gauge not working and power windows and radio.2004 mercury mountaineer.