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Rads frozen will it damage anything if you try and start it?

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Possibly, as the water pump will be pushing against the ice. What you need to do is warm up the engine, to keep it from freezing, as well as to thaw out the radiator. This can be done by putting a 100 watt light bulb in a low cardboard box underneath the engine, and putting a couple of blankets over the hood. If it is really windy, try to anchor the blankets down to the ground, to keep the wind from blowing under the car. Better yet, tow it to a garage where it can be warmed up. If your radiator has frozen, the engine will follow suit after a time, and this can crack the block and/or the head(s).

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What factors determine the extent of radiation damage?

The amount of exposure (measured in rads or rems), the duration of exposure, and the type of radiation you are exposted to determine the extent of the damage.

One gray equals how many rads?

One gray=0.01 Rads...Incorrect (very), Correct.....One Gray = 100 Rads.

What is a BI-RADS on a mammogram?

BI-RADS is simply the word used in the categories of mammogram results. BI-RADS 0 means additional imaging is needed. BI-RADS 1 means no evidence of cancer. BI-RADS 5 means likely cancer. There are a range of results in between.

How many Rads will kill a man?

200 to 1000 rads will cause illness with a greater effect towards the end. Any dose over 1000 rads will often prove to be fatal.

What is BI-RADS?

BI-RADS is a scale or system for categorizing mammogram results. Like the Richter scale measures earthquakes, and the Fahrenheit scale measures temperature, BI-RADS is a way of classifying mammogram results so that communication between health care providers is easier.

How is radiation measured?


What actors and actresses appeared in Rads 1000 - 1972?

The cast of Rads 1000 - 1972 includes: John Steiner

Would a cocaroch survive a nuclear explosion?

not at ground zeroCockroaches (and most insects) do have a higher chance of surviving nuclear radiation (e.g. from fallout) than do humans (and most mammals) because the insects have a higher LD50 than mammals do. LD50 stands for Lethal Dose 50% - the dose that will kill 50% of a group receiving that dose without medical care.Here are approximate LD50s for gamma radiation for several species:Cockroach : 5000 RadsRabbit : 800 RadsGoldfish : 750 RadsRat : 600 RadsMouse : 450 RadsMonkey : 450 RadsHumans : 250-450 Rads

If you try and start your car when the rads frozen will it damage the engine?

not by just cranking but if you let it run long it can run hot from lack of water flow and blow head gasket or crack ahead allways a good idea to have good antifreeze mixture not by just cranking but if you let it run long it can run hot from lack of water flow and blow head gasket or crack ahead allways a good idea to have good antifreeze mixture

How many rads does it take to kill a cockroach?

According to mythbusters, we dont have enough rads to kill one so we would never know

What unit are use to measure radiation?


What does BI-RADS 2 mean in suspected intramammary lymph node?

BI-RADS is a system of categorizing results of mammograms. BI-RADS 2 means that the finding is benign -- not cancer. Such a result would be typical if a lymph node were found in the breast.

What is bi-rads 4 on a mammogram?

BI-RADS 4 on a mammogram means there is a suspicious abnormality, and a biopsy might be required. It does not necessarily mean cancer.

How safe is 50 rads of radiation per hour?

50 rads per hour is 200 times the maximum safe continuous exposure rate. It depends of course on how long you are exposed to 50 Rads per hour. If you are exposed to 50 Rads per hour for only 15 seconds you will be just fine, where as if you were exposed for 10 hours total during a two week period, you are dead.

100 rads is how many grays?

1 gray

Could 750 rads kill you?

in Fallout III?

How do you convert radians to degree?

pi = 3.14 pi rad = pi * 1 randian 360 degrees = 2pi rads 180 degrees = pi rads rads = (degree * pi) / 180 degrees = (rad * pi) / 180 If pi rad = 180 degrees, the 1 rad must = 180/pi If pi rad = 180 degrees, then 1 degree must = pi rads / 180 Keep following through.

What does BI-RADS 0 mean on a mammogram?

BI-RADS 0 on a mammogram means that the pictures were incomplete, and additional imaging is needed. It is not a comment on whether the mammogram is normal or abnormal.

What nicknames does Michael Radkay go by?

Michael Radkay goes by Rads.

The standard unit of radiation related to biologic hazard is known as the?

The International System's standard unit for biologically hazardous levels of radiation is the Sievert. The US uses rads, which are converted at 100 rads to a Sievert.

How many rads does a nuclear weapon produce?

That would vary from weapon to weapon.

What are rads and grays?

it is called reds and grays because who created it liked the name .

What is the fraction of the total radiation?

If you are given the "the total radiation" (e.g. 100 rads of radiation) and you are given another radiation level (e.g. 75 rads of radiation) and then you are asked: 'What is "the fraction of the total radiation?"', then you would answer "75/100".

What does bi rads 2 benign finding mean?

BI-RADS 2 benign finding means that something was found on the mammogram, but it is almost certainly not cancer. Talk with your health care provider for more information on what was found on your mammogram.

Should you have a biopsy with a bi rads 3 reading?

Typically, health care providers recommend repeat imaging in a few months for BI-RADS 3 findings. Talk with your health care provider about the recommendations for your follow-up.