Ranking of metals won by greatest to lest?

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Who is mark spits?

he won 7 olympic metals for swimming he won 7 olympic metals for swimming

How many gold metals has Russia won in the Olympics in 2010?

Russia has won 23 gold metals!!!!!

What happens if your world ranking on Miniclip is zero and I have won awards?

you probably need friends for world ranking, not sure of it

How many gold metals does stephanie rice have?

she has won 5 gold metals

How many metals did Switzerland win?

Switzerland won six metals in the 2008 Olympics.

How many gold medals has Mexico won in the Olympics history?

The have won 2367 metals

Who won the 2010 winter Olympics?

Canada got the most gold metals. They got 14 gold metals, 7 silver metals, and 5 bronze metals.

How many metals has Kristi Yamaguchi won?


How many metals won in 2010 Olympics?


What athlete won the most metals?

Bonnie Blair

How many metals have the Australian won in judo?


Who won the most metals at the Beijing Games?

usa most overall metals...china most gold

Did Venus Williams win any gold metals in the Olympics?

Yes she won a few gold metals

What country has won the most gold metals in 2008?

China won 51 Gold medals.

Who has won the most snooker titles?

Stephen Hendry has won the most titles, with 36 ranking titles including 7 world championships.

How many gold metals has Canada won?

93 gold metals...People...ohh ya and i one one of them :)

Who won 8 gold metals in the Olympics?

Michel Philpes

How many metals did Lowell Bailey win?

he has won none.

What Canadians won gold metals in 2010?

syndney crosby

How many metals have Ozzy won so far?


Who are the Olympic champions and record holders in soccer?

Joey won 3,000 gold metals in 0.92 kilometers on the back of a money tail. Tommy won 1,000,000 gold metals in the Urine Cup

Who won the NBA greatest players of all time draft?

michael jordan won it

Which country was on the top in ranking in Olympics 2012?

The USA won 104 metal and 46 gold medals

Who won the most metals at the Beijing Olympic games?

Michael phelps

What male won gold metals?

Michael phelps 4 the us