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reaction of 2-chloro.2-methyl propane with sodium metal

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what is the equation for the reaction of 2-propanol and sodium metal

A violent reaction: sodium hydroxide is formed and hydrogen released.

metal + water = metal hydroxide + hydrogen For example: Sodium + Water = Sodium Hydroxide + hydrogen

Propane is not a metal; it is a hydrocarbon.

Neither. It's a salt which is formed from a neutralization reaction. For example, NaCl (sodium chloride) is table salt. It is made from a metal (sodium) and a nonmetal (chlorine).

Propane is a hydrocarbon and a gas. It is a non-metal.

Sodium metal and chlorine gas produces sodium chloride.2Na + Cl2 --> 2NaCl

when sodium react with ethanol ,ethoxide and hydrogen are formed. this reaction is like when sodium reacts with water

Sodium metal reacts with water to produce aqueous sodium hydroxide, hydrogen gas, and heat.

The product of this reaction will be Na2O.

It is no reaction. Copper cannot replace sodium because it is lower on the reactivity series.

Water and sodium metal are reactants to produce sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. H2O + Na ==> NaOH + H2 !! VERY dangerous !! Sodium Metal and Water

It is a chemical change. The reaction of sodium metal with chlorine gas is a highly energetic reaction that is a type of fire!

by putting it in water it which creates a chemical reaction. If you put a lot of sodium metal in water, it will blow up so when experimenting with this, be extra careful.

Sodium chloride is the result of this reaction: NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H2O

sodium is white and metallic it is a metal that is essential for life. sodium carbonate reacts with sodium hydrogen sulfate to create a rapid reaction. sodium also reacts with aluminium hydroxide

By Wurtz reaction of ethyl bromide with sodium metal.

The reaction is violent, even explosive. The sodium reacts with an acid to produce a sodium salt and hydrogen gas. The reaction produces enough heat to melt the sodium and ignite the hydrogen. If the reaction does produces an explosion it can send flaming, molten pieces of sodium through the air. For these reason the reaction is dangerous.

Sodium in water form sodium hydroxide.The chemical reaction is:C3H5O(COOH)3 + 3 NaOH = C3H5O(COONa)3 + 3 H2O

Yes. Sodium is a light, alkali metal that oxidizes easily in air, and reacts with water to form sodium hydroxide (in an energetic reaction). It's density at room temperature is about 0.968 g/mL.

Sodium is a highly reactive metal. It reacts with water to give sodium hydroxide, and with carbon dioxide to give sodium carbonate. It the reaction with oxygen, the principal product is sodium peroxide.

Sodium metal is pure sodium and is made of sodium atoms.

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