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no such thing,rear brake cylinder maybe,owned chev for 25 yrs and am also a mechanic,never heard of that one.that must be like a high speed muffler bearing lol,just a little joke.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-23 01:03:06
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Q: Rear brake diaphragm?
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You ran out of brake fluid now your brake are stiff and hard to push What can this be?

It is very possible you have a leak at the rear seal of the master cylinder, (pop the master cylinder cover and check the rear compartment for brake fluid loss), allowing its brake fluid to leak into the brake power assist booster and causing the interior vacuumn assist boosters diaphragm to crack and rupture from the brake fluids exposure to the diaphragm....the diaphragm is made of rubber and cant tolerate brake fluid attacking it...when this diaphragm leaks there is no more vacuumn power brake assist and the brake pedal becomes hard as a rock while attempting to stop. Fix: Replace leaking and defective master cylinder and replace defective vacuumn power assist brake booster, bleed and reibnspect all four brakes including brake lines and wheel cylinders for leaks and wear. Consult a certified brake technician to work with you on this repair if you are not sure how to fix it, then watch listen and learn. Happy Motoring.

Is there a adjustment for rear brake pads on a gmc sonoma?

Rear disc brake pads, no. Rear brake shoes, yes.

What does rear brake rotor mean?

Rear is to the back of the vehicle. Brake rotor is the rotating part of a disc brake.

Can you cut off rear brake line?

You can cutoff the rear brake line. You will no longer have rear brakes and the fluid will leak out. It is not recommended that can't off the rear brake line, without replacing it.

Rear brake adjustment 97 civic?

on the idepaent rear suspection for the parking brake

A)Which is the most effective stopping brake, front or rear?

The most effective brake is the front brake.

Service bulletin 2004 caravans rear brake shoes locking up?

Has anyone had an experience with the rear wheels locking up due to the service bulletin issued by Chrysler, asking the dealer to replace rear brake cylinders + rear brake drums + rear brake shoes + brake springs etc... ????? Thanks mariobros

Do the intrepid have front and rear brake hoses?

The Dodge Intrepid has front and rear brake hoses

What is the valve for on your Mazda E2200 rear brake line?

the valve on the rear brake line is to limit brake force on the rear ie.loaded full pressure,empty reduced pressure to stop the rear brakes locking.

Is there something holding rear brake drum on 1994 caviler what holds rear brake drum on 1994 cavalier after removing tire?

how to remove rear brake drum on 1994 cavalier

Which is the most effective stopping brake, front or rear?


Your Mercury has front and rear disc brakes and you need new brake shoes but you thought they only went with brake drums can anyone explain how I can have brake discs and still have brake shoes?

A car what has front disc and rear drum brakes have front brake pads and rear brake shoes.

Why don't the brake lights come on when the brake pedal is depressed on my 1997 Camry?

Check rear bulbs, rear brake bulb fuse, and check the swith on the brake pedal.

How do you remove the rear rotor on a 2002 F150?

Removal # NOTE: When removing the rear brake disc (2C026) in this procedure it is not necessary to disconnect the hydraulic lines. Remove the rear disc brake caliper (2552). For additional information, refer to Caliper in this section. # NOTE: If the rear brake disc binds on the rear parking brake shoe and linings, remove the adjustment hole access plug and contract the parking brake shoe and lining. Remove the rear brake disc.

What is the most effective brake front or rear?

The most effective brake is the front brake.

How do you replace the parking brake on a ford escort zx2?

If you mean the brake itself, the parking brake lever pulls on the cables which attach to the rear brakes and manually tighten up the rear brake shoes. If the brake isn't working either a cable has broken or the problem is in the rear brakes.

Where is the wheel cylinder located on a 1995 chrysler cirrus?

It is inside the rear brake drums. It is the part that pushes the brake shoes out against the drum.It is inside the rear brake drums. It is the part that pushes the brake shoes out against the drum.

How can you fix parking brake on a 2000 ford f 350 to hold?

Rear disc ? if it is rear disc brakes there is a drum brake in side of the rear rotor that is your parking brake and has an adjuster in it if you pull the rotor off.

Does 2001 Ford Explorer have an emergency brake adjustment?

The 2001 Ford Explorer rear parking brake is separate from the rear disc brake that stop the vehicle. The rear rotors have a small drum in the inboard side.

What if the brake light in the rear window is working but the brake lights on the rear of the car are not working?

Bulbs blown, or corroded sockets.

How do you remove rear brake drum from a 1993 Toyota pickup?

How do you remove rear brake drum from a 1993 Toyota pickup?

How do you change rear brake pad on 92 eighty eight royal?

i need a little help with the rear brake pad

What fuse is for the 2005 Ford Mustang rear brake lights?

What fuse is for the 2005 Ford mustang Rear Brake lights?

How do you change the rear brake pads on a Chevy Malibu maxx?

How do you change the rear brake pads on a 2010 Chevy Malibu

Where is the emergency brake cable on a 1996 Toyota tercel?

The 1996 Toyota Tercel brake cable runs from the emergency brake lever to the rear wheel. The emergency brake is on the passenger side rear wheel.